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Need for Speed: ProStreet

by smutty185

Original Post

Can't activate game due to server connectivity issue?

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Just purchased and installed Need for Speed Prostreet and as I click to play, it sends me to a screen to activate using my email and password for my EA account. I input my information and it says that I cannot connect due to a server connectivity issue. This happens no matter what I type so I think it is right in this matter. Is there a way that I can play? I seriously loved this game from my recent childhood.

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Re: Can't activate game due to server connectivity issue?

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got the same problem did everthing i could do reinstalled the game but still it don't work 

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need for speed pro street

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since I bought this game never worked it keep asking for EA log in? it seems to redirect the user to the old server

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Need For Speed Pro Street, not loading save game

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Hello everyone i went to play NFS Pro Street today & i got this messege,the file your are attempting to load is of a version different than your current gane title


The thing is that i use to get this before all i use today was restart the game & it usually worked fine & loaded my save game but now not all Frown


Thanks in Advance Standard smile

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''Please login to EA Download Manager to verify your ownership, then try again''

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Hey guys,


So today I bought NFS Pro Street on origin and when I downloaded it it gave me an error that the servers were down etc.. .well after some research I fixed that and I thought I was good to go but then I ran into this problem: ''Please login to EA Download Manager to verify your ownership, then try again'' and I simply can't play the game.. I've tried everything people suggested: turning off firewall, running Origina as Admin etc. but nothing will work .. 

So please EA, what's going on? 


Thanks in advance 

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unable to send verification email

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Just bought NFS Pro street

Downloaded it. 4.5 GBs or something

The origin client is online, represents news, I can surf ea applications via it (it has inet connection)

Clicking on send verification results in error, launching nfs results in *unable to connect to server*  error

What are step to fix this ?

P.S. obvious steps like checking firewall restrictions, disabling/enabling any protection do not help 

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Need for Speed Pro Street won`t start

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Hi. I downloaded NFS Pro Street and when i try to start the game, i got a message that says that i must got windows 98/2000 or better system, but i have windows 8. What am i going to do?

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Error: Could not connect to the server(NFS ProStreet)

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So I just bought this game NFS ProStreet and installed it. Everything was mooth until i launched the game. There shws up a sign up window which wants my e-mail and password of my EA account. The problem is it keeps saying cannot connect and try again in a few minutes. I've been trying this non-stop for 2 days. help asap

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Re: unable to send verification email

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Hello @Luxaleksium


Please try the steps (if you did this already-tell me Thinking)


 Clear your browser cache,cookies,temporary files and brosing history  follow steps in this link
You have all the data necessary for Chrome,Mozilla,IE 11.

Clear DNS cache

Clear hosts file


Restart your Pc and  run the setup file Origin with Admin rights


All my best.Standard smile

I am just a gamer wich trying to help another gamer.
I do not work for EA.

My Opinion is no more important or right than yours.


Retired champion.
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Need for Speed Pro Street

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Why do it take so long for you to answer my questions? i have asked and asked, my prostrret dont work and how can i fix it? it keeps freezing when i buy a car or after a race,

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