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Need for Speed: ProStreet

by smutty185

Original Post

Need for Speed ProStreet problem

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Say please when can I download a LISENSED version of Collector's Edition and Booster Pack for NFS:PS on PC? Don't talk about torrents, I want a licensed version (for money). I have seen through ea website or some others but i have not seen a licensed version (website "ea" doesn't work). Now I have only a game for PC, no additions. please help!!
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I am unable to redeem my product code for Need for speed: Prostreet

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I bought a Need for speed bundle from Amazon and i am able to redeem all my game codes on Origin expect 1 game. The game code i cannot redeem is Need for speed: Prostreet. When i try to redeem the code it says the product code that i entered is not valid. Please confirm the code is entered correctly. I have checked many times to ensure i entered the code correctly but i am still not able to redeem my code. Please help

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Re: I am unable to redeem my product code for Need for speed: Prostreet

Community Manager

Aye, I can see the other games on your account, but no ProStreet.

I think this is due to its age, as the game is from some time before Origin existed. Please use the tool here and see if you can redeem your code.


If you have no luck with this, please contact support, they will be able to assist you further.

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NFS Pro Street EA Download manager

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Bought at discount game. Downloaded and installed, but when I run knocks error "Kan game niet starten" (here the error screen)


What to do?

Купил игру по скидке. Скачал, установил, но при запуске выбивает ошибку (Вот скрин ошибки)



Что делать ?

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The screen name you entered appears to be invalid

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Hi I've Buy The Need For Speed Bundle From Amazon



And I Can't Activate NFS : Prostreet Code at

Cuz When I Create Electronic Arts Classic Screen Name Persona


I've Recieved The screen name you entered appears to be invalid

How Can I Do ?

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Re: NFS Pro Street EA Download manager

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Everyone has this problem and EA just dont give a damn. And their support cannot help with this, because it`s something for their programmers need to fix. 


EA cannot fix their own games before porting them to their "modern" digital distribution service and want to compete with Steam?! 


EA Stop selling broken games! Darkspore, now this... Either fix it or take it out of your damn store!



The only way to play the game you bought is to download a crack for it. Once again modders do what devs cannot. 

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not registered need for speed pro Street

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not registered need for speed pro Street, wrote a server error, what the hell is not for this, I bought it

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Re: not registered need for speed pro Street

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For this you will need to contact Origin/EA support they will gladly help you whit this problem go here press contact as give information press I still need help at the bottom of the page and then press start live chat and you will get a live chat whit an EA agent that will be glad to help you 


if this helps pleas give XP to my account thanks

mark this as solution if it solves your question so others will know the answer when they come here 

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Re: Need for Speed: ProStreet

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I´ve downloaded Pro Street from Origin and registered with no problem, but, I can't install any patches because the game crashes at the beginning there is any solution for this?

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Re: Need for Speed: ProStreet

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**bleep**ing EA, **bleep**ing Origin! Buying games and not working! Your origin is big **bleep**!!! Better is found crack for your broken games and i will happy. Stupid **bleep**ing damaged origin! I'm very angry! You never defeat STEAM...

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