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Need for Speed: ProStreet

by smutty185

Original Post

Re: Can't activate game due to server connectivity issue?

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That never happened to me when I installed the game.

Try re-installing the game but do not install Punkbuster. I think Punkbuster is the thing that handles the online servers

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Need for speed pro street, I try to connect to e a nation and it will not allow me. I have all my info correct, what can I do?
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Re: Need for speed pro street

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it does same to me
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Neef for Speed prostreet login and game issues

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i bought need for speed prostreet from origin to re play a game that i used to love playing so much, but the problem is that whenever i try to launch the game a window appears saying that i have to login with my EA account, and whenever i try to login it says that it cannot connect to the servers and to try again..... ive been trying for months now and still njo solution, ive looked online and tried a lot of fixes that have been suggested by others, reinstalling the game, creating origin folders, etc, but nothing works and nothing is helping, 

the second issue is that when i first bought the game it would work a handful of times but then the game would malfunction as the continue button would stop working after i finish the second race.

As a student who struggles financially, and decides to invest in a game that he loved so much to play, and then it refuses to work on him, i either need a refund or better, the game fixed..

Thank You

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Re: unable to send verification email

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I tried it, but that didnt work either.

I have the same problem and the last couple of days I have been very busy trying to get it solved with the help of the EA Customer Center Live Chat.

No luck at all.

I heard some things that made sense over there, but also a lot of strange advises,

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Need for Speed: ProStreet - DLC

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Recently bought DLC (extender pack - meant to add extra cars to the game) for NFS ProStreet after which I did not see the cars in the game. Does the DLC no longer work with the servers of the game being discontinued?
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Re: Need for Speed Pro Street problem

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Pro street is dumb I can't log in or singe In or anything it only works on PC
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EA shut down the servers for this game, along with many other titles. The most scum part is they still allow you to purchase DLC that can no longer be used in-game. Thanks EA, you're really great.
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Re: Need For Speed ProStreet wont work

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I had the same problem dying for a fix:c

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Re: NFS Pro Street -- Could not connect to the server

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THANK YOU for posting this fix .. it worked for me Standard smile

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