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Need for Speed: ProStreet

by smutty185

Original Post

need for speed pro street

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I can not connect to ea nation, I can not register the product key (removed details for security purposes). NFS Pro Street

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Need for speed prostreet

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When I play all boss I get booted from game.

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Re: nfs prostreet not able to connect to ea nation

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me too and i just purchased this game. not cool i would not have got it if i wouldnt be able to use all the features. i have been robbed


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Need for Speed ProStreet Collector's Edition Upgrade

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Where i can upgrade my prostreet ?? And how . Talk me about all steps


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Re: NFS Pro Street -- Could not connect to the server

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Right.  Except your solution didn't work.  I have that file designation already and I installed Pro Street there next.  Both failed.  Customer support said to go to an alternate activiation site they gave, that failed too even after it said I had successfully activated the game.  I hate EA's origin bull**bleep**.  I have now spent about 2 hours trying to activate a $5 game that they enticed me to buy from them.  This is really, really dumb.  I have a zillion EA games that I paid top dollar for and now I have to beg EA to allow me to prove to that I actually bought this game and didn't pirate it.  They don't trust me after activating thousands of dollars of their games.  Assholes.

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[Need for Speed: ProStreet] i bought a game for my husband and i put my email and password in and it wont let him play it

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i bought pro street and i cant get on it why

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Re: i bought a game for my husband and i put my email and password in and it wont let him play it

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@crazypebbles wrote:

i bought pro street and i cant get on it why

did you try useing your infomation so he can play i would try that if that dosent work u might have to set up an account on the ps3 so that he can use it under your profile

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Need For Speed ProStreet

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Who are the clowns responsible for putting out this game?? Have they been fired? They should be. This game is a joke. For example, the REACT Team Sessions shows the record belonging to Tony Manilla with 47,390 points. Okay. I just played that level, obtaining every record in every race: 8,992-9,663-9,395-8,353-8,047 were the scores (in the order of the races) which totals 44,450 points. It would be impossible for Tony to have that many points if I beat his score in every race!! That's just the beginning. 1) The 'sector shootouts' are a complete joke, a fast car such as the Pagani Zonda can be used, you can pass every car, yet finish the race in last place with zero points (even though you passed every single car!). 2) The game frequently locks up after finishing a race, I'll hit the 'continue' button but the screen doesn't advance. If I hit the 'restart race' button it makes the sound it normally makes, but doesn't let you go back to running the race again. I have to go to my desktop, and close the program using Task Manager, then after restarting the game, redo the race. 3) The damage points are a joke, too. I used the '06 Mustang in a drift race, and bumped into the wall. It said minor damage, and when I completed the drift race it deducted all but 170 'Damage Points" (when I looked at "Repair Cars" it said there was $440 in damage). I redid the race, and bumped into another wall. It said 'Major Damage", yet when I completed the three drift segments, it deducted zero damage points leaving all 500 damage points intact! I checked to see how much damage the car had, and it took $2,880 to fix!! I could go on and on. There was absolutely NO common sense used by anyone when they put this game together. I can understand that meth-heads need to make a living, but EA doesn't have to hire them all! I have NFS Carbon and it frequently locks up to when it shows the little video clips of the "Bosses" making comments. I reported that to the support at EA around two years ago and they responded they couldn't find out what was causing that. If they want to make movies, they need to make movies. But if they're going to continue making games they need to cut the garbage out. I'm fed up with EA. They know nothing about cars, nothing about sports (create a player with minimal attributes in any of their games -football, soccer, whatever - and use him. Then put him on a computer controlled team and see if his playing for them is a poorly as when you use him). EA used to be okay. I still have F1 2002 and F1 2001, both worked with Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, and Vista. Now, EA can't get their games to work on even one operating system without locking up. They need to find something they're capable of doing, if they can.

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Re: Need For Speed ProStreet

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Welcome, and thanks for posting in the SimCity forum which has absolutely nothing to do with NFS Pro Street, LOL!

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Re: Need For Speed ProStreet

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In case you haven't noticed, they don't have a forum for Need For Speed ProStreet. I already did a search for it.

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