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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

by ninjaarmy2

Original Post

Where can I get a legal copy of Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005)?

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So I have for a long time tried to catch up with my childhood nostalgia, I've bought NFS Pro Street, downloaded a PS2 emulator and some PS2 exclusives.

However, NFS MW (2005) does not work correctly on the emulator, and so I figured I would buy the game for PC.
The problem is that there are, as far as I have looked, no buy-able digital copies of the game. And to be fair I'm not willing to pay 30 dollars for a 10 year old, hard copy, just so I can play 12 hours of it (in a good case scenario).


It so wierd that everywhere EA has literally deleted any trace of Most Wanted (2005). It's not on Origin, they don't show it anywhere on their websites, not even!


So any help, or am I forced to torrent this game? (I hate torrenting games so if there is no way around the hard copy, I may just leave it be...)

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problems with mostwanted world

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the play reject me automaticaly, from server with a windows error, no number for description, but have tecnical description from windows. please if some one knows why or want to help, this is my e-mail: [edit: email address removed]

Thanks..!! Subject help with EA games NFS World.

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Fees/Charges for NFS Most wanted

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I have a Smart TV which offers games and notes some of them are FREE. I don't want to download any FREE games and then get charged for them.


How do I find out if these games are REALLY FREE or just a come on? My grandson wants to download Need For Speed Most Wanted.


Please advise ASAP - he's driving me crazy.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Fees/Charges for NFS Most wanted

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I did some searching around and it appears NFS:MW for Samsung Smart TVs is indeed free.


You might want to setup a PinCode for your children.


If you haven't added any payment information (i.e. CC, Paypal) to your samsung account you shouldn't need to worry about extra purchases.  If you did, I would assume it will prompt for your password or PIN code to complete the purchase.


I have a sammy smart TV but I never use it's smart features Frown


What I would do is find an app that costs money, click on it, see what the prompt screen looks like.  Hopefully it asks for a password to your Samsung account.


I'm not sure what all kind of apps are available for TVs... but you will want to be sure that In-App-Purchases cannot be made by your kids.  This is the problem with phone apps, most of them are *free* but your kids can easily rack up thousands of dollars in in-app purchases for in-game currency.  That is why it's very important to find out what the authentication screen looks like for the Smart TV.


I google'd around and I couldn't find any clear cut details on how that works.  I'd be shocked if it doesn't have some form of authentication (which you don't want your kids to know, even if you trust them).


Hope that helps.



That game is free.  You will want to find out what the Purchase screen looks like though.  Ideally have no payment information on your sammy account if you never want to make a purchase with it.

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Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) DirectX Error

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 I'm trying to install my old NFS game on my relatively new PC. When trying to install (from CD), i get an error message, saying that  i need DirectX 9 to be able to play the game. I have DirectX 12 installed, and have tried installing previous versions of DirectX, but none seem to work. 
I've searched on the EA website for a digital download, but the game seems to have vanished and been replaced with the new NFS:MW (Which runs fine on my PC)

Any help is appreciated.

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Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) HD Remaster?

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With all the issues with compatibility on newer Windows versions, including Windows 10, with DX9 errors and such, is it possible that we could start a petition for an HD remaster of this game for widescreen resolutions, better controls with XBOX One gamepads, and Windows 10 compatibility? Then put the game in the Origin store for download? I would really love to see that since this was one of my most beloved games from that era.

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