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Re: Need For Speed: Undercover 2018

by DucksoupYT

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Re: need for speed: undercover problem with connection to server

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I have the same issue. Windows 10 Pro x64 on Z370 chipset

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Re: Need For Speed: Undercover 2018

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How is this thread resolved?   no answer, no fix, waiting on update from a long time ago.

I just bought the game as I loved playing it on my old Xbox 360, which I no longer have.

No compatibility settings, reinstallation of Origin or game gave better results.

Right after selecting profile about 2 - 3 seconds and it just locks and has to be End Tasked.


Update Please?


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Re: Need For Speed: Undercover 2018

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I can play NFS undercover and NFS Shift without any issues. I am using my origin profile/persona when it asks for a profile. Are you playing with a different profile? I have not tried creating local profile, am not even sure if that option is available. If it it available and that's what you are using, try using the profile you use on origin. Also try updating the game in origin app if there is any updates available. 

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Re: Need For Speed: Undercover fails to connect with licence server

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>it tells me the connection to the licence server fails.


That is because the license server is a securom license server which has been shutdown. For some of the games affected by this, EA has explained how to disable DRM for a few of the affected games where it is possible to disable DRM in a simple manner, usually by deleting a single file or folder. I don't have any of these affected games, so I don't know how EA is making this information available. It may show up if you go to the EA help web site and do a search for this problem for a particular game.


I can report that most, if not all, of the games affected by the securom server shutdown are Origin download versions of the games. I haven't heard about any of these problems with the same games downloaded from Steam (those use a different DRM method or server), and in my case I can confirm that none of my games purchased as retail media DVD-ROM games have this problem. I have the impression that older games downloaded from the EA Store (remember EA download manager?) don't have this problem either.






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Re: Need For Speed: Undercover 2018

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im running my Game on Windows 10, from steam. Everything works fine for me, so problem shouldnt be the fact u are using windows 10, i think its on origin's side

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