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NFS: Toys to Life!

by flashrocket9

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NFS: Toys to Life!

★★★★ Novice

Why didn't EA do this before? 

A game where they can make money without shoving loot boxes down our throats! What does Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and Starlink: Battle for Atlas all have in common? they are toys to life games! Amiibo aside, These figures are all collectable and have become a multimillion dollar industry. Imagine if there was a Need for Speed game where you could have special cars where you can play on any hotwheels or matchbox set, and go racing online!


Heres how I picture the game: Every Starter Pack will include 5 NFC enabled Cars, a special add-on for your controller, and the software itself. Every car will be customized in game, Come with their own set of challenges, and will be used to save game data. Each car also includes special clothes to customize your avatar. 


There are 5 kinds of car classes: Tuner, Muscle, Exotic, SUV, and Cop. With hundreds to thousands of cars to choose from, there is no limit to what could be added. (Oh, and they will NOT be region Locked). 


Location: all maps will be of past NFS games including but not limited to, Olympic City, Bayview, Rockport, Palmont, Tri-Cities, Seacrest County, Fairhaven, Redview County, Ventura Bay, Fortune Valley. 


Consoles: The Game will be available on all major platforms; PS5, Xbox Scarlet, Switch, PC. 


This is nothing official, just an Idea I'm throwing out there. 

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