My son cannot Connect to Autolog. (fa2)

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Re: My son cannot Connect to Autolog. (fa2)

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Hi there,

I have exactly the same issue...

Using my son Switch account, linked to a Nintendo account (Child, less than 13 years old), with an active Nintendo Online subscription, the first connection to Autolog opens a window to Nintendo server ( asking for a validation of a parent to share child profile information with EA. Once the validation is completed (Nintendo profile is updated), the connection process continues. A popup from EA server ( appears "Unable to login. This account can't get online..." and then when I click "B", I get the message "Cannot connect to EA servers... Error code: fa2"

When I use with my Switch account, I have no issue. The server "" invites me the first time, to link my Nintendo account with my EA account.


The server "" seems clearly to decline any child account connection...

This page seems to confirm that :"". And in particular this sentence : "Because they can’t get online, child accounts also can’t log in to our websites."


But this game is rated "Everyone / 10 years". Except if I'm wrong, this restriction is mentioned nowhere. Without this functionality, this game is much less fun, and there is no possibility to play together (him with the Switch, me on the PC)...


@EA team, any idea when this issue could be fixed ??

Thank you.



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Re: My son cannot Connect to Autolog. (fa2)

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I know exactly why this is happening. You must register your switch to the account that you used to purchase the switch. If you purchased a hard copy, you still need to register the switch to the account you use to purchase games. You do this by going to the Nintendo Switch eShop. Once signed in, enter your account information by clicking your profile picture at the top right hand corner of the screen. Under your account name, scroll down to Primary Console. If it says that this console is registered to another account, deregister it. Exit the European and re-enter it by signing in with the account you used to purchase Need for Speed and/ or all games you typically purchase your games with. Now, play NfS and sign into your EA account. Done. 

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Re: My son cannot Connect to Autolog. (fa2)

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I didn't re-read my reply, so there may be some typos since in used my phone and word prediction. 

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Re: My son cannot Connect to Autolog. (fa2)

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i think everyone is having this problem. when i clicked on settings and went into privacy settings there was something called crossplay and i think that may have something to do with it.

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Re: My son cannot Connect to Autolog. (fa2)

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i have worked it out. it is an age thing. when u first play need for speed it asks u if u wan to share your nintendo account details, it then sees how old you are and it puts a limit on crossplay

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