[Looking For Group]

by Straatford87

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Add me, need friends as I m new


Origin: 3xpriT


Thank you 

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Re: [Looking For Group]

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Feel free to add me
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Re: Friends

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You need to have Origin active in Game to add people in game.  Most players keep it turned off to save lag. 

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Looking for Racers

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Hello There

If your reading this thanks. I've got most of all the Need For Speed Titles (Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted. Pro Street, Need For Speed The Run, Need For Speed Rivals,  Need For Speed Undercover) and looking for those out there that want to race. Seems hard to find players for some of the Titles. Gamer Name Is Lonewolf3121966. So Go Ahead and add me as a freind. Play most every day. Oh  I also have Burnout Paradise. Thanks.

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Re: Looking for Racers

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I added your post into this thread. Hopefully you will find someone to race with!


Have a nice weekend,

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Re: [Looking For Group]

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Hi! My Origin ID: MaxTheFastPro. I play NFS Most Wanted (2012), Rivals, The RUN on PC, but also have EA Racing Pack (NFS HP, UC, Shift, Shift 2 and Burnout Paradise) on Steam and can download them if you want.

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Re: [Looking For Group]

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Platform : PC

Origin ID : AdifIdham97

Timezone : GMT+8


I just send friend requests to some of you guys. Really looking forward to play with u all Standard smile

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Re: [Looking For Group]

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Platform= PC

ID= 13254678990

Timezone= 1+ GTM

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Re: [Looking For Group]

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Add me 



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Re: [Looking For Group]

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I'm looking for really good drifters out there that we can go side to side controlled drift train. We will find a name and create the team together if your interested add me.


Platform: PC

Origin ID: RHYSB26

Time Zone: UTC+00:00

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