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Issue with NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010)

by itzpepi420

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Issue with NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010)

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Hello! When i launch the game from the launch button a couple of seconds pass and then the EA Technical Support Page pops up. The game launched without any problems before. I bought the game on Steam.

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Re: Issue with NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010)

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The game bought on Steam who supplies an activation code. Interfaces within the game that should take the code refuse it as invalid

Having talked to the Electronic Arts's support, they don't support what they consider third party supplied codes. They don't sell the game anymore.

The game is very usable on a moderately old PC (core i3 3,4GHz / 8GB RAM + ATI Radeon 650) and it seems the missing features are multiplayer online and social : useless.


In SHORT : Quite playable.

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Re: Issue with NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010)

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>They don't sell the game anymore.


Origin still sells Hot Pursuit (2010):


My understanding is that 3rd party retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Steam, ... , get their activation codes from EA / Origin. Clearly they can't just invent codes and expect the EA / Origin authentication to work.


> Launch button


What launch button? Is this a PC or a console version of the game? On a PC, games would be launched from shortcuts on the desktop or from the program menu.


EA Technical Support Page pops up


Does that page offer any explanation for why it popped up?


Potential problems with other games that might be related to the problem you're having with Hot Pursuit:


Steam never used securom license server for authentication, so the shutdown of the securom license server only affected some Origin games, not any Steam games that I'm aware of.


The Origin version of Shift 2 requires nvidia physx to be installed, even if you don't have an nvidia (geforce) video card. The EA Store version (download or dvd) do not have this problem.


Support stated that some functionality related to needforspeed dot com was shut down in March 2018, but I'm not sure what that affects. Note that the Carbon online server is still running. Shift 2 Limited Edition content no longer gets enabled at log in due to some change made with EA/Origin server. I'm not aware of any other time related issues.






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