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Autolog doesn't allow us to get Trophy

by Harim_Abed

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Autolog doesn't allow us to get Trophy

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I was asked to post this here for the Community Team from the Live Chat Support...


On PS3, there's a trophy called "King For A Day", it's about to beat your friends scores and be on the top, but since May 2016, you have taken down that Autolog Function, it makes that trophy very unobtainable for everyone...

Many users still want to know if there's a chance to get an update so the trophy would auto-jump or something like that in case that you'll never fix the Autolog issue again.


Thanks you and I hope a positive response.

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Re: Autolog doesn't allow us to get Trophy

Community Manager

Hi @Harim_Abed 


I wouldn't expect any updates for that trophy at this point I'm afraid.


- Andy -

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Re: Autolog doesn't allow us to get Trophy

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@EA_Andy We all (EA Costumers) are really sorry to hear that..
Remove that function was totally unnecessary...
You must to listen what your costumers want, what they wish and what they ask, you know I'm not the only one complaining about this...

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Re: Autolog doesn't allow us to get Trophy

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hi everyone 


as of now i got NFS Undercover - Shift 1 and 2 


im boosting Undercover with my friends and shift 2 as well without any issues .  


sadly i saw the run were i bought my recent haul but didn't want to cuz i know i will not get the the platinum


i know some people will find it stupid , i would love to play the game but i'll hate myself for not being able to get the platinum as i am a completionist 



im still thankful they helped us l when we complained about the auto blog issue in HP ps3 and it was fixed so the share photo thing was registered   


omg i really missed out on the shift games , i was  sooooo into GT 5 n 6 that i never cared for both shift games and im regretting it now 


shift 2 blew my mind .


.... sniff .. goodbye burnout Ps3  glad i platinumed it and 100% it along time ago . 

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