A new Need for speed game

by T-Flame83

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A new Need for speed game

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I'm just wondering if need for speed can make a all out street drag racing with free rome, the ability to  race anywhere like in real life, all of the drag racing  parts with the drag look. I'm talking from blowers hanging  out the hood and hood scoops wheelie bars and all. And custom tuning is a must. It should have sport motorcycles also that you can turn into drag bikes with that same upgrading capability for drag motorcycles. That should  open the game up more and be a major plus for need for speed. Also and not least going  to the drag track with a grudge race mode different selections of real transmissions and real engines. For instance you can ls swap any rear wheel drive car up to a 672, Cayote swap, and hemi swap. And the ability to do the same with the tuner and exotic cars for the engines in there class. I real think this would  be a awesome game and hopefully ea likes this idea and responds back. Ps it should  have done racing  to.

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