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Re: Two major problems unsolved!!!

by Rebelwolf111987

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Two major problems unsolved!!!

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Hi EA. I have played NHl 13, NHL 14 and now i just bought NHL 15 on his release date. I play HUT and always put significant amounts of money to have a great playing experience. But now i'm starting to feel bad about the game i bought and think to stop buying your games. I faced two major problem. The First is not that frustrating but i'm not the only one with that one and you didn't patched that bug yet. It's about that bug that doesn't let you take your bonus packs rewards when you complete a team in your collection. Since 1 month... i cant open my rewards packs EVEN if the exclamation mark in that red triangle is showin up!!! The second and the most irritating now! 30 min ago i was playing Playoffs you set every 5 days. I lost a game so i re-entered the tournement. Then, i won first round. Then, in the second round i was winning 4-0 against a players that can tell you the same. With 18 seconds left in the third period. You dropped me to timed out. My internet connection was fine and i never got offline. And now i'm eliminated from the playoffs and have to wait 5 others days so i can play the next playoffs. It's really frustrating when you pay 69,99 a game than put maybe 2X that amount of money in packs (maybe 4 X!!!) And you get that kind of service in gaming experience. I'm really embarrassed right now and would like some explanations from you guys to understand all these misunderstandings. Thanks in advance and i hope you will reply fast and take this in serious. P.S. A very good customer.
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Re: Two major problems unsolved!!!

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Let me start by saying, I fully understand your frustrations. You paid money towards a product, and you had expectations about that product, and unfortunately reality doesn't match up with your expectations. Unfortunately, I can only provide limited experiance towards answering your questions, but lets get started.

In the gaming industry, there is a phase of the development called Alpha and Beta testing. This is where the company making the game (in this case, EA Sports) pays professional testers to play their game to the limit and try to break it and if it breaks, offer up solutions in the programming process. Now, because EA Sports has a virtual monopoly on sporting games, this process doesn't take very long; the programmers have a lot of experiance with the code and tend to know what will and won't work. They do, however, tend to add new features to a game, and THAT is what needs tested. Your bug report is important, don't get me wrong, but it takes longer than a month to figure out what is causing the issue, and offer a solution that actually works. It could be a problem of a 0 that is supposed to be a 1, or it could be the entire code. So that would be the answer to your rewards packs that you are purchasing not being able to be opened.

As for the internet connection issue that booted you from the game. EA servers have a tendency to be very picky with who they let connect and who they boot out. This is mostly due to people who cheat or hack. Your connection may seem fine to you, and it may let you connect to thousands of different websites in exceptional speed or connect with other games without a problem, but what you don't see is the 15 nanosecond space of time where you lost connection and EA servers picked up on it and kicked you out. I'm exaggerating the amount of time, but not by much. If your connection was lost for half a second, the computer that runs your system may have been able to stay connected to the network (i.e. if you're on xbox, staying on xbox live, or playstation being on their online service) because the settings to be connected to them aren't as strict as EA's servers. In other words, there is nothing they can do to appease you, because hackers make use of that "blank-time" and as a result EA has decided to make it harder to allow hackers in.

My advice to you, in closing, is when you spend 70 dollars on a game, don't blow 140-280 on packs when there is a bug, and accept that no matter how good your internet may be, there will always be problems with technology. Nothing made by man is perfect, and it's all doomed to fail eventually. I hope this helps you understand how things work, and perhaps gives you insight on when and when not to purchase downloadable content.

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