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[PS3] NHL 14 GM Connected - Gameplay settings

by cowscrazy

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[PS3] NHL 14 GM Connected - Gameplay settings

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In NHL13 the game play settings were determined by the host.  Now it seems the settings have no effect over games.  


Its only me and my brother playing in our connected season.  We just want to be able to edit the style to the way we enjoy it.  


Goal scoring is way down and it feels like the computer isn't even trying.  We raise the level of the game and it eitiher doesn't get much better or it becomes impossible for us to score cause now the goalies are too good.  


Please how can we effect the gameplay settings in Gm Connected  

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Re: [PS3] NHL 14 GM Connected - Gameplay settings

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Which ever one of you is Commisioner may be able to change the settings via a menu within the game mode. If that's not possible, the game settings may be locked from when you intially set up the league.

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Re: [PS3] NHL 14 GM Connected - Gameplay settings

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No there is no in game settings.    I really hope there not locked from the start.  I'll have to test that.  If that is the case we will need to work out our settings ahead of time and then live with them.  

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