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NHL 14 HUT EA pucks

by AirSang

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NHL 14 HUT EA pucks

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In NHL 14 HUT after winning or losing a game my ea puck earnings did not accumulate and or do not register. The trade off to this bug,  is how my players contracts remain unchanged after each game. My team can play unlimited number games, over the course of about 10 games I was wondering why I haven't had the chance to renew contracts. Since this was the case I concluded that the online versus mode in HUT did not affect the contracts of players. I later realized that it was stupid conclusion. I decide to look at all the pucks I've earned with the awesome no contract bug, only to realize I haven't gained any ea pucks at all! Anyone with knowledge of the bug please help me get rid of it! If EA is reading this may I be compensated for ea pucks lost that would be greatly appreciated by a HUT enthusiast! Confusedmileyhappy::heart:

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Re: NHL 14 HUT EA pucks

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sending the whole team to the trade bin and then to colletion and finally back to roster.......... this did work for me.... cache clearing did nota.....

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NHL GM Connected Question

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Hi there,

Weve started a GM connected league, and have noticed that players with long term injuries are not being taken off the cap. This is making big problems for people who are pressed against the cap, as they cant continue games without destroying there teams through waivers.

Has something changed from NHL13 or is there something wrong?



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Re: NHL GM Connected Question

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How long is long term? More than a season? 

Thanks. Confusedmileyhappy:

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Re: NHL 14 HUT EA pucks

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I have the exact same problem!!!! It's so annoying and it makes me not want to play! I love HUT but it needs to be working properly and collecting pucks is a huge deal.
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Re: NHL 14 HUT EA pucks

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im just plan old missing 30,000 ea pucks ...

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My player boost pack is not working

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When i enter the code i just says The code is not correct or has expired.

Why is this?

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Re: NHL GM Connected Question

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Not over a season, there about 35 games a piece.

Im pretty sure in NHL13 injuries like that immediately came off the cap form what I remember

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NHL 14 OTP idle players

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Online team play is an excellent idea and probably the most fun part of all the NHL games.  However, I always wondered why there was no idle player boot in OTP.  Now I understand that it probably wouldn't be fair to boot someone from a ranked game, if for whatever reason had to put the controller down for a minute or two. 


In this instance I believe instead of leaving an unattended player sit on the ice, automatically send him to the bench after a whistle and have an AI skater play that spot until the person returns to their controller.  Pressing A or whatever button will return the player to the ice on the next whistle.  So not necessarily an idle boot. Which most are familiar with in titles like Battlefield 3, where after 300 seconds, you are kicked.


To prevent those from trying to take advantage (sitting the bench the entire game to get games under their belts), simply kick the person after either an entire period goes by or after a certain amount of time passes.

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They usually do a big update after the season has started so that they can include players that they do not have the rights to currently.  Players who are not in one of the other leagues in the game (McCaron is in the US developmental league) are not allowed to be in the game for legal reasons until they have played an NHL regular season game, thus becoming a member of the NHLPA.  Hope that helps!  Should be one about a week after the season starts, typically when they come out.

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Re: My player boost pack is not working

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This was entered through the Sony or Microsoft code entry area correct?  The pre-order boost packs are redeemed there and not in the offer code area in the game.


If it was enetered there I have seen people say they had to reboot and try the code a few times but it eventually worked.

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