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Re: Hut infinite loading

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Any discussion around potential compensation will be had when or shortly after the issue is resolved.


Again, any info I get will be relayed to you all here on this thread.

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Re: Hut infinite loading

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Thanks for keeping us in the loop.


This is highly apperiacted.



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Re: Hut infinite loading

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I really hope this gets resolved soon. I am starting to lose faith that it will get resolved. I have never heard of a game mode being down for a select amount of players for this long after the launch. I have bought this game every year and have spent quite a bit on packs and things like that. This is really the only xbox game that I play so I really look forward to it when these games come out. This is an incredible letdown to the people who are loyal to this franchise and keep a company like EA going in a competitive video game market. I have contacted EA on three separate occasions to give them info to get this resolved and have gotten ignored or brushed off each time. I have spent an estimated 6 or 7 hours speaking with customer service, going through workarounds, and gathering information for EA. I was told in my case was elevated to a priority case and I would be in contact with an EA technical advisor via email soon. Since then I have been ignored. Any real timeline or indication of whats going on would be appreciated. I know EA Barry has said that he doesn't really have any answers, but after all this I can't help but feel that it is another brush off. Even airlines (who probably have the worst customer service of any industry) tell you whats wrong with the plane when you are stuck for hours on the tarmac because of a maintenance failure.  I hope EA thinks hard about the frustration that the players with this issue have endured and compensates them accordingly. I don't know if I can stand by this game for another year after such a stripped bare and terrible game two years ago and then this. It just feels like a slap to the face for the people who spend hard earned money on something that they don't really need, but buy regardless. Cheers to everyone else on here who has been putting up with the same frustrations that I have.       Gamertag: crazyadhd2527

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Re: Hut infinite loading

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This is crazy that so many people are having this same issue.  What is even crazier is how EA refuses to admit it is their problem.  I have been reading all night all of the complaints and issues and EA responds with "must be your internet, try opening your ports".  Well EA, I just bought a new modem, the ports are open, I can play EASHL, and drop ins no problem, but not HUT, or versus.  It says unable to retrieve data and please try again.  This is your error, not ours.  Just fix this.  It is 2016, and we can't connect with our neighbors on XBOX but we can send a rover to Mars....

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Re: Hut infinite loading

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I really hope so because I've spent $40 on nhl points and don't have access to them because HUT isn't loading.


Platform: Xbox One

Gamertag: Eckerman77

Last attempt: 10-9-16 between 7:50 and 8:10

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Re: Hut infinite loading

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The patch which reduces the chance of this issue occurring is now available to players.


If your game is not automatically updated then you can manually check for updates on PS4 or if you have an XB1, check that Instant On is enabled.


PS4 manual updates:


XB1 Instant On:


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Re: Nhl 17 hockey ultimate team will not load

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Time stamp: 6:30 pm est 10/9/16
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Re: Hut infinite loading

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Thank goodness . So what will the compensation be for all us players who had to suffer this issues for over a month just wondering
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Re: Hut infinite loading

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gamertag El Nutty


Thank goodness!


Will you be able to speak of compensation to affected users? This has been a huge hassle...

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Re: Hut infinite loading

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Come on EA_Barry... It's been over a month without a patch or a date when the patch is going to be released. Can we please have a definitive date for when our HUT will be fixed AND guidance when/what our retribution/reimbursement will be (for not being able to enjoy the game as it was advertised to its consumers)? Please advise soonest

GT: K0K0
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