Random crashes w/ Ryzen APU and Win10

by airlia101

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Random crashes w/ Ryzen APU and Win10

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I'm having Random crashes w/ Ryzen APU and Win 10

System: Win 10, Ryzen 2400G (Vega 11 APU graphics)
ME2 is downloaded from Steam.  No DLC, no "Cerberus" account.  

Typically, I can play for something like 8-10 minutes, and then the game freezes. Major freeze -- rarely, I can Alt+Tab out... usually, everything just freezes, then the screen goes black, audio plays for one more second, then everything stops until the automatic reboot. Sometimes it happens in dialog cutscenes (but never yet in a loading video). Sometimes just during gameplay.

It's a Video_TDR_Failure stop code, though I never get a BugCheck popup (I had to check the Event Log).

I was originally using a 2020 Radeon driver.
Rolling back to one from 2018, I can often avoid the total freeze-up/reboot, and the system just kicks me back to the desktop. Better, but still unplayable.
I just clean-reinstalled W10, and installed the 2018 driver from the start, and I'm back to complete-lock-up-automatic-reboot again.
I've tried turning off the graphics options in the game, no change. I've run in fullscreen and borderless-window, no difference. I tried to disable some deeper graphics options in the config files, but decided I didn't feel like trying to decode all that on my own. 

Anyone playing with the 2400G and *not* having trouble? If so I'd love to compare settings.
DXDiag summary attached.
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Re: Random crashes w/ Ryzen APU and Win10

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Hi @airlia101


Have you had the chance to check your temperatures and power usage just to make sure everything there looks good? 




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