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Re: person

by JMEllis2020

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How the hell do I get a person on the phone to discuss a problem like a normal **bleep** person. I do not want to live chat or have to keep getting online in order to fill out a form. All I want is to discuss my problem with a human.
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Re: person

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Request a call back. You probably won't get one till tomorrow seeing as it's sunday.
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Re: person

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Personally, I don't want to call and talk to someone, I just want them to fix the problem or give me my money back since I can't even play the game for what I bought it for.

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Re: person

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How do u request a call back I haven't seen the option
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Re: person

Community Manager

If required, click the following link to contact an Advisor:

For help on how to contact an Advisor please use this link:

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