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Re: Madden Nfl 19 (PC) Audio Stutter

by Twyxt

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Re: How to fix audio stutters on Madden 19

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★★★★★ Guide

check all drivers see each product support page.
Brand pc support page or custom build then its Brand mortherboard support page.

sound card and graphic card support page.
if Nvidia use Nvidia experience optimized settings.
dont OC ( only laptop with intel boost is not a direct OC )

close all other apps, is system idle no system update running or anti virus app use live scan same time while playing, some can do that. )


then all that is done, there is more you can do that is optimize pc. but above advice should cover basic.


hardcore pc game, use alot other tool app to fix know windows bugs and tweaks

CCleaner ( junk clean and windows registration check 2 task with that app )

iobits driver boost ( find even more driver that is onboard our mortherboard )

iobits advance system care ( scan pc for alot of system issue )

iobits uninstall ( same as ccleaner but i have seen leftover installation same as ccleaner to get ride of stuff that should have been removed by app itself. )

iobits defrag ( this actual can defrag per game now, and system we did that alot inold days then hard disk was slow, if SSD only do this ½year



win10 dont forget use windows own disk cleanup in advance mode. ( previous OS and alot of junk is kept 30gb and whats the point then you cant roll back to it ) take alongtime it use DISM also so dont close it then it look like it cant be done with it.


dont forget power management so many play with balance mode ( most a laptop issue, they have game mode or entertain mode its just full performance



use quality mode, dont use balance mode some games can flicker with this, its only old or oudate graphic cards that might run game better with balance mode as last option. card is singing its last song. should be upgraded


other things use Native Resolutions, this has seen before if some user have select higher resolutions then card can handle or monitor dont like. ( watchout for DSR = Dynamic Super Resolution ) that can send many Graphic card to its knees, require highend graphic cards that can handle it.

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Re: Sound is stuttering

★★★ Newbie

I had this issue also and couldn't find the issue.


I don't know if you have Bullguard as your anti virus? What helped me was turning Game Boost off  in Bullguard for Madden 19. Since then I haven't had any issues with the sound.



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Madden Nfl 19 (PC) Audio Stutter

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I'm experiencing audio stuttering ingame, that includes the music and the sound effects/voices. There are no lags in the gamplay and the problem occurs on every graphic setting. It's in every gamemode. In the main menu everything is fine. Every other game works fine on my system, including ea titles like bf1 and star wars battlefront. 

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Re: Madden Nfl 19 (PC) Audio Stutter

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Same here. Also Madden 19 is the only game I have any problems. Did you find a solution?

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Re: Madden Nfl 19 (PC) Audio Stutter

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Nope. Turned the sound off, but i dont take that as a solution.

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Re: Madden Nfl 19 (PC) Audio Stutter

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I've gone on and contacted support with the issue as i have the same problem. After 4 times contacting them we've yet to find a solution, I'm having a specialized team look into the situation and hopefully if they find something to fix it I can forward it onto you. 

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Re: Madden Nfl 19 (PC) Audio Stutter

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I posted it already in another Thread and I'm still waiting for an individual support. 


But I kept on trying and the best result (still stuttering/lagging sometimes, but not as often as before) I get with these setting:

Resolution 1920x1080

Locked to 60 fps

VSync on

Windowed Mode/Fullscreen doesn't matter, but game doesn't start everytime when fullscreen is selected :-/

Rendering set to HIGH (with keeping all resulting settings below)


My system:

Win7 Pro 64bit

Intel i7-5820K @3.30GHz

NVidia GeForce GTX 970 MSI Gaming

DirectX 11


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Re: Madden Nfl 19 (PC) Audio Stutter

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I was told by the specialist first off to make sure the HD audio driver is up to date at its newest version, I reinstalled this anyway, then to do a fresh install of my graphics drivers, I use an nvidia gtx 970 so I selected clean installation when installing the drivers again. It unfortunately did not fix my situation. 

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Re: Madden Nfl 19 (PC) Audio Stutter

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The problem will likely be addressed in a patch, which is scheduled about a week from now, although nothing is set in stone yet is what they tell me, I guess just to bear with the stuttering for now until a patch gets released. 

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Re: Madden Nfl 19 (PC) Audio Stutter

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I found a solution that fixed the stutter for me. Under Graphics in the settings is the option "FRAME RATE". it was set to "AUTO", when i switched that to "NO LIMIT ON FPS", the stutter was gone.

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