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Share Play blocked?????

by JonasNightengale

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Share Play blocked?????

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It seems that Madden 15 is now blocked on PS4 share play. I've been playing with my friend for the last couple of weeks with no issue. Tonight though, he got an error that said something to the effect that this content is blocked from share play when I gave him a controller to play.

Anyone else having issues since the last update?
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Share Play on PS4 no longer allowed

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"Viewing the game screen that the host is currently playing is not allowed due to content restrictions in your county or region. If the host starts a game that you can view, the game screen will be displayed."


i am getting the above error when I play Madden 15 via Share Play as of today.  It worked for months until now.  Was this feature recently blocked?

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Re: Share Play blocked?????

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This is a very sad move if EA did this intentionally.  It's been working great for me as well until two days ago.  Please let us know if this is something EA did intentionally and if/when it will be back up?


If EA's decision is to block share play, please let us know.  It will be be a factor in my future spending of EA products without a doubt.  

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Share play no longer works with Madden 15

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I've sent out multiple tweets to askplaystation and askea about this and none have given me an answer. A week ago share play started giving the message that it cannot show madden due to content restrictions, Madden has always worked up until that point with share play. Now it doesn't work. Is it intentional that Madden 15 doesn't work with share play anymore and why doesn't it work with share play if that is the case. Thank you.

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Re: Share Play blocked?????

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Yeah this is a kick in the groin. Football is a team sport and you no longer can play on a team with your teammates... how silly is that. I'll save my money if next year is 100% solo again. Was having a blast too before this was taken away Frown
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Re: Share Play blocked?????

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Yeah This is absolutely the last Madden game I buy (I've bought it every year since 2008)... I'm tired of the glitches and gameplay issues they never addressed and I'm tired of them making it harder and harder to enjoy this game with friends.  


The block-shedding controls were fine in 25, but they're awful in this one.

Ever notice on local co-op that you can't control the lead blocker and O-line until after they make their first blocks? How about the D-line tripping all over eachothers' feet when performing stunts?


I wsa willing to forgive all of that because my brother and I could play across the country in a co-op franchise mode, but now, with NO explanation, they take that away as well!?  Bye bye EA

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Re: Share Play blocked?????

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Im very confused as to why @askEA's twitter handle is responding to all kinds of questions but refuses to answer my question as to why share play stopped working with Madden 15 even though Ive been asking for 2 weeks now.

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Re: Share Play blocked?????

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It's working again!  yay!  Thank you EA

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