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Re: On the PS3 update on 9/23/16.

by Sommelier74

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On the PS3 update on 9/23/16.

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I saw that the Color Rush jerseys were added on the update on 9/23/16. What else was added on that update? Also will you be adding the Color Rush jerseys to MUT as well for the PS3? And is their anymore updates in the works besides the roster updates? Thank you for your time!

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Re: On the PS3 update on 9/23/16.

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You can check the following link for info on game updates:


Make sure your PS3 is set to automatically download any available updates:


Note: Madden NFL 17 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 does not include live downloadable content for Madden NFL Ultimate Team including live events or commentary updates throughout the season and does not contain all game features available in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions. Game performance varies by platform.




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Re: On the PS3 update on 9/23/16.

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I understand that PS3 doesn't get all the bells and whistles like the new gen does. But you did do an update and all I asked was if you were going to include the Color Rush in MUT? It seems like pulling teeth to get a simple yes or no from you guys. All you seem to do is give us links and repost stuff we already can read on the website. I still haven't got my loyalty packs from playing Madden 16 last year and they show in my unopened packs but I can't open them. I sure you will just answer with more links and they do not help. So you can update the PS3 version with Color Rush jerseys but you can't have at least some of the downloadable content for the older gen? It seemed to work good last year just fine when we were able to do as much as the new gen version. You sold us old gen a inferior product and don't support it and that I find ridiculous. We deserve more than this and you just shouldn't of made it for the old gen and charge us the same as the new gen. Hopefully you guys will keep in mind we are customers too!

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