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Re: Momentum in head2head Madden

by IVORY3923

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Momentum in head2head Madden

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what is the issue with Madden and this broken momentum?
Why must every game be filled with ai perpetuated changing events?

if I'm not good enough to pick the right plays and make the right decisions then the computer shouldn't be able to compensate for me... no one should be able to come out in the dime or quarters formation and consitently stuff the run...
it's annoying to play and a de can consistently shed blocks and run through 6 people all while the other 8 on the team are in coverage....that's *
Animations shouldnt trigger for ai players if they aren't in position to make those plays... far too often when the cpu decides on player is going to have a tough game the opposing ai plays unrealistically good.. the dbs are able to cover an enormous amount of ground when they are clearly beat... DT are able to run down running backs and on screens every one jumps over blockers...
like what are you all making or thinking about when make these games?! 2k doesn't do this witj their basketball game and their older football game... it's only madden
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Re: Momentum in head2head Madden

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I was just telling my wife the same thing. Game compensates for people who don't know football. All about glitches too.
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