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Missing Head to Head Rank

by wr3cka

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Re: Madden 18: My ranking is not showing

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Still nothing on my end either.
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Re: Madden H2H online W not RECORDED and LOSS RANK STRUCTURE

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my rank has been gone for weeks, i lose connection to my opponent all the time and never recieve W's its honestly a joke.. 80 DAMN DOLLARS for these games just to not work, and to get completely ignored when we come witb problems .. shove it EA
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Top 100 ps4

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My rank has not been showing up and hasn't since day 4 of the games early release.... when will this issue be resolved?
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Re: Missing online h2h rank

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Any updates on this situation. It's been over a week. Thank you
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Re: Madden 18: My ranking is not showing

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I was ranked first few days, an update happened then it came blank I was like 3000 something it was literally the Monday of the goat release by Thursday went blank...has been like that ever since.....shaking my head.....
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Re: [INFO REQUEST] - Missing Head to Head Rank

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GamerTag/PSN ID: mrbondd619

Time & date for the last time you checked your rank:

09/09/17, evening

Timezone: PST

Have you played any games since you lost your rank (Y/N): Y

Did this occur at a particular time in the game (Game froze, disconnect, opponent quit, etc):
Not sure
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Re: Apparently the downloaded game is the reason for my H2H mising rank problems

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I used hard copy. It still happened to me
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Re: Madden 18 head to head ranking gone

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My rank disappeared

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Okay so on was playing Madden 18 on Xbox 1 was on a 6game winning streak, and was ranked 12,000 among 100,000 players. Now it's gone and want show up why is this?
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Re: Madden 18 head to head ranking gone

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Not yet and I have over 5300 ranking points 🤦🏽‍♂️
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