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Madden - Concerns around H2H Exploit and Disconnects


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Madden - Concerns around H2H Exploit and Disconnects

EA Community Manager

Dear Madden Community,


We understand that lately there have been a lot of frustration and concerns around H2H Exploits and H2H Disconnects and their impacts on competitive gaming. We wanted to take a moment to address each of these issues as we have been investigating and addressing them once they were reported to our teams.


H2H Exploit Issue:


“Over the weekend our team deployed a server-side update addressing a H2H exploit players were using to unfairly win games. We are continuing to monitor the situation and taking action against any accounts still attempting to earn a win via cheating.”


H2H Disconnect Issue:


“Our team is aware that some users are experiencing issues disconnecting from online games, and we are diligently working to identify the root cause of the issue and find a solution. We will continue to keep the community updated as progress is made.”


Concerns around disconnects and how that impacts Competitive Gaming:


“Our competitive gaming team has dedicated members who review all competitor accounts for any malicious activity or cheating. Before any player advances to the next round their account is thoroughly vetted to ensure fair competition.”


Your Madden Team.

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Re: Madden - Concerns around H2H Exploit and Disconnects

EA Community Manager

With the release of today’s Title Update, there have been a lot of questions around the status on H2H disconnects we wanted to address. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that EA understands the community frustration around these disconnects and our teams have shifted resources to work on the issue. Our teams have already deployed a fix that addressed the issue of players intentionally using exploits to win games. Those accounts that have used this exploit have already had the appropriate action taken on them. 

Today’s Title Update allows us to collect more information around the disconnect issue so that we can further address it. Please know that teams are not tied to future Title Updates to address the issue of disconnects.


Your Madden Team

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