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Madden 17 loading screen freezes

by IconicViking

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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

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I can't even load

the madden 17 game to play off line 

it simply freezes 

@bigblue52giants wrote:
This is incredibly frustrating. I've now played the same game three times in offline franchise mode and each time the game is over, and I attempt to exit the game and save my progress, the game freezes while loading. all progress is of course lost each time, and one must play the game over again yet again. To say this is frustrating and leaves one feeling as though the product is deficient is an understatement. EA just assumes the customer will continue to purchase this product on brand alone, but the game needs to work as advertised or that will cease to be the case. We paid our money, we should get a product that delivers or our money back.


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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

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Ok so I can't play Madden 17 on my PS4 

email me what to do to correct this problem or send me madden 18 free of charge because 17 is not working 

please email me at [edit: email address removed] 






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Re: Madden 17 loading screen freezes

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Same problem. I cleared the reserved data for the game and at least was able to start into the game, but when it shows the pre-kickoff video of the fields and stands, there is a huge opaque EA logo superimposed over the screen.


I see the animation playing in the background, but the logo doesn’t go away.


i was able to select to receive, but it’s stuck here

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