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Re: Madden 15 MUT Connection Issues

by spaguy1964

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Madden 15 MUT Connection Issues

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This is becoming a serious issue for me. Every season game I try to start, i get up 14-0 then connection is interrupted and i'm given the Loss. I wouldn't be mad if they didn't burn my contracts and give me no money. This is also happening with solo challenges and its getting unbareble. WHO HAS A SOLUTION. My ethernet cord is connected properly and the internet is more than reliable. This is the only game to have an issue. 

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Re: Madden 15 MUT Connection Issues

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This happened to me yesterday 3 times when right in the middle of a game. I never had theis problem before but it is frustrating because you lose contracts on like 22 players. Times that by 3 and that is 66 contracts which cost over 1000 points to buy. So EA should either compensate us a few thosand points or just do away with contracts all together as they are nothing but a pain at worst case scenrio they should make a fix so that contracts are not lost upon a disconnection.

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Re: Madden 15 MUT Connection Issues

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Yeah, it even gave me a LOSS from the 14-0 start. I had this happen in seven straight games after winning the first two games. (2-7) then legitamitely lost in the tenth game, demoting me. I just think it's stupid and they should not burn contracts like that. Also when you barely get into a game and it burns a contract. The multiple times I have been going against the super teams in MUT for maximum coins, the server disconnects when I'm winning and says it won't count. BUT IT STILL BURNS THE CONTRACT. It's upsetting.

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Re: Madden 15 MUT Connection Issues

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If you're playing against other opponents and getting disconnected, that seems like it's the oppenent's connection and nothing on your end. It is a peer-to-peer game. 

If you're getting disconnected in the solo challenges, that's something local. 

Have ya'll tried opening up ports or anything?

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