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MUT16 missing content

by TFizz007

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MUT16 missing content

★ Novice
Journey V - Flashback and NFL Journey solo challenges both display 0/0 for everyone I’ve spoken to. Also Gauntlet challenges aren’t changing with the change in month.
For the store, nothing is available under “kickoff” “tickets” “bundles” and only one 100k coin UL pack and a Rookie pack.
Could you not only stop removing content from the game but add it back?
For newer players to MUT16 there is basically no competing against people who have been playing this game since the release and have maxed out 99 teams and every UL player. Happens nearly every H2H game I play. At least give people the chance to buy a wider variety of packs in hopes of completing these sets and refresh the content for the weekly challenges. It will make a lot of people happy and will only take an hour out of your day. I understand you want to force people into buying the newest Madden but this is extortion. I considered purchasing 18 but at this point you’ll be removing content from that game as soon as 19 hits the shelves.

Thanks for addressing these issues

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