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Loss of cards when added to a collection that expires.

by spaguy1964

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Loss of cards when added to a collection that expires.

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A couple  of  things that aggrevate me about collecting the madden cards is that once you put a card in a collection, 1.)  you get no sort of compensation for that card like in past Madden versions where you would at least get a certain amount of points according to how many contracts were left and 2.) There are some collections that expire before you finish collecting the set of cards and if you have trouble finding that last one or two cards to finish the collection, the set expires and you lose all the cards that were in there with no cards or points to show for your work. That is pretty sad! I spent countless points on trying to finish some of these weekly or seasonal sets and had trouble finding one or two cards or people would ask a ridiculous amount of points for to buy in an auction because they must know they are rare or something. Then when the set expired I lose everything!! Is there any soulution coming to solve these problems??

One suggestion would be to not let the sets expire and just make them to where you can only collect them once. I also am  very dissapointed in the rewards given for some of these sets. You go and collect like 10 cards that my wind up costing several thousand points and all you get are a couple of badges and no points! Really?!! It is not even worth the time or effort. The past Madden games seemed to have much better rewards for collecting a set!

Please let me know if any fixes are in the works for these problems.

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