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Less collectables is sets!!!!

by Aadland8

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Less collectables is sets!!!!

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CHANGE THE MAN OF THE MONTH SETS TO ONLY 32 COLLECTABLES!!!!!!!!! Why are you not changing this!!!! QUIT making this game horrible with your stupid ideas in screwing with your customers!!!!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!
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why cant i put the LTD USE cards into the elite player upgrade?

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Again EA company is the biggest screw ball jackasses. Why are you guys cheap!!!! Again EA is ##$$%#@ stupid!!!!!! Should be noooo reasons for this!!!!! FIX THIS SO I CAN PUT THEM IN!!!!!!
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Again too many collectables in sets!!!!!

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Come on EA QUIT DOING THIS!!!!!! You make enough money!!!! So disappointed!!!! You can't wait right can you. LESS COLLECTABLES INTO SETS!!!!!!!!! MAKE IT LESS COLLECTABLES INTO SETS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!
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Lesss collectables into sets!!!!!

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Don't you stupid programmers get it!!!! Less collectables. FIX THIS START LISTENING!!!!! Again LESS COLLECTABLES INTO SET!!!!!!
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Don't you listen!!! LESS COLLECTABLES INTO SETS!!!!! FIX THIS PROBLEM THAT EA SEEMS TO DO ALL THE TIME!!!! Listen to the people who are playing this game! Come on programmers!!!!
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