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Re: I cant get my game face to line up

by EA_Barry

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I cant get my game face to line up

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I cant get my Game face to load correctly, the first time I did it, it came out perfectly but I used no side image, so I tried a different pic with a side pic as well, and it came out correctly but I preferred the first image, so I started again with the first image and since then I cannot get it right, it always comes up blurred/miss aligned. I have tried different techniques, alignments, pictures, but it always seems to load the same incorrect aligned image. I have cleared cookies, done the exact same process as the first one, but no matter how accurate or even in accurate i set up, the out come is always the same slightly off center image.

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Re: I cant get my game face to line up

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If your final result is misaligned then you need to place the green cross markers is such a way as to counteract the misalignment. This may result in you having to place the markers in such a way that 'looks wrong' but produces a better end result. Do let us know if you get it looking better/correct, thanks.

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