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Fifa career mode

by wesbeatkal1994

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Fifa career mode

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Why do EA continually neglect to add, and especially fix the problems all of us players have in career mode year after year. There are countless bugs and issues that need to be patched but never are. I realize that fut is the cash cow but to completely ignore career mode is *. For those of us who have been playing fifa for 10+ years it’s gotten worse for the most part in relation to “features” that add to the experience. For example why can’t a players overall change when I put him in a wrong position on the field. Why can’t I ever change a players actual position. We need changes or at least patches after the game is released. Please EA, I know I speak for the fans when we say we want actual changes that improve the game mode. Licensing for the champions league and other various leagues around the world are nice but it doesn’t make up for all the great things you’ve took out of the game or things you’ve refused to fix over all these years.

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