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Re: Can't Access My EA Account

by Aravix

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Can't Access My EA Account

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I just bought Madden 17 and in order to play online I need to log into the EA servers. I haven't had a Madden in years and the EA account that is linked to my Xbox Live account for Madden I do not remember the password to. Also, I don't have access to that email account anymore. There's no option to try and use a different account or anything. All it shows is my old email and to type the password in, which I don't know. I would like to switch the account linked to my Live account to this one I'm currently posting on. 

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Re: Can't Access My EA Account

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I have a similar problem. My old account was hacked by someone in Russia and I have since made a new one and now when I turn on Madden 17 it says there is some Russian email in use already. I literally just purchased the game 4 hours ago and now I can't even log into my account because I can't change the email, it's absolutely absurd. 

Good luck with your problem if you haven't gotten it fixed already, hopefully they will let us do something as simple as change a freaking email address so that we can log in, but I'm not holding my breath. 

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Re: Can't Access My EA Account

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An Advisor can help you regain access to your account and give you info on maintaining account security.


Click the following link to get started:

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Re: Can't Access My EA Account

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Gee, thanks for the obvious answer.


I would contact EA, but I have no phone at the moment, and of course EA will not allow me to contact them any other way. I'm sorry, but that method of contact is useless for my problem.


One solution as of now is to just make another username on your console and then log into your EA account that way. I can't believe that we can't update our rosters or even play some single-player game modes until we connect. It's crazy ridiculous.

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