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CFM Suggestion From a League Commish

by CaptKasper

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CFM Suggestion From a League Commish

★★★ Apprentice

This is a list of suggestions that would improve the quality of CFM for users and commissioners.


  1. Identify if a game has been erased and replayed or started/stopped then resumed where they left off. Right now it just says how many ‘starts’ the game has. Did someone replay their game or did they stop playing their game to deal with a real life issue and then came back and resumed the same game. Currently there is no distinction.
  2. Save the progress of PvP games. Currently if a game desyncs all progress is lost and the game needs to be replayed. This is awful for competitive reasons. It allows each team to essentially have a free scrimmage to learn what their opponent is likely to do. Maybe save the progress after each quarter or something. Currently single player games against the CPU are saved. Provide this same function for PvP games.
  3. Include in the transactions tab any edits that are done to a team or players. Currently it only says that a player is edited but unless its a positional change it doesnt say how. Was their number changed, did you change their uniform, did the commish edit their contract or skills, did the commish eliminate a cap penalty, did the commish give funds to a team? All of these are important for the integrity and tranparency of a league.
  4. Eliminate the extremely exploitable contract bug (I know that I reported it from Madden 18). Any player that is added from your practice squad or from the FA list can be resigned at the end of the season for ANY contract you offer them. You can have Aaron Rodgers for $550k a year and no signing bonus by cutting him and then adding him from the FA list. At the end of the season give him the lowest contract possible. Works for all players and can be done at anytime. When users figure this out it kills and destroys the league. 
  5. Provide past week financial information. Currently it only gives data from the week exactly prior to the current one. Hypothetically its week 4 and you have a home game. You want to maximize your finances for that week. But last week you had an away game. You have no idea what your last home game ticket sales were and if you should adjust your pricing or not. A real team absolutely has that info.
  6. Provide future season total salaries and projected cap space numbers. Right now i have to get a calculator out to find out if Ill have enough room in my cap space next season to resign a player. 
  7. Prior to the start of a PvP game you can go to ‘advanced settings’ and see the weather forecast before starting the game. Provide this functionality for all games and not just PvP games. Is there snow/rain forecasted this week? That will effect my gameplan and training decisions. Teams IRL know well in advance what weather conditions they should expect for each game. Ideally this info would be given prior to starting a game so you can plan training accordingly.
  8. Have a waiver wire for players released to FA by a team. After every team passes on the player or the week advances then they can be signed by anyone. In our league a user made a trade with the Vikings giving them Dion Lewis for some picks. The Vikings ended up releasing Dalvin Cook to make room for Dion Lewis (I wont even get into why the Vikings would do that), but I was able to sign Dalvin Cook off the street and I have the best record in the league. Furthermore I know I can resign him at the end of the season for nothing because of the above mentioned exploit.

Like many other users I have a plethora of other things that should be updated to make a better game experience, but I’ll save those for another post. The above suggestions are more for league commishs and team administration issues. 

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Re: CFM Suggestion From a League Commish

Community Manager

Thank you taking time out to write up the suggestions for improving CFM. Standard smile 

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Re: CFM Suggestion From a League Commish

★★★ Apprentice
Another item I wanted to bring to attention: Currently playoff teams are paying salaries to their players at the same rate as they are in the regular season. Unfortunately, this means that away teams in the playoffs will likely lose between $4-5mil each week. If a wild card team makes it to the SB, they likely lost $12-15mil in funds to get there.

NFL teams do not pay their players during the post season. The NFL as a league does. Players are paid out of a pool of funds reserved for post season players. So our teams should not be paying salaries each week in the playoffs. The easiest solution is to just not charge salaries in the post season.

Our league deals with this by giving out $5mil a week to each team that makes the playoffs (not counting bye weeks).
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