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Bugs in the game

by iTone24

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Bugs in the game

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Couple of issues.


1) The offside issue. My players are always going offside in solo challenges. I understand you have added offsides to make the game more realistic but this is the only penalty i ever get and it happens over and over again in the same game. I estimate it has cost me in the region of 40-50k in contracts because it is costing me solo's that i have to keep doing over and over again.


2) On xbox one when you load the game back up from your xbox being on stand by you can never connect to the EA servers. You have to dashboard and quit the game then wait and load it again. I have the digital version of the game but this happens every time i load the game.


3) The loading times for the game are ridiculous. This is using the digital version of the game installed on an xbox one. How can it take 3 minutes for the game to load and another 2+ minutes to load each game. With the offside issue and the loading time some of the journey solo's take 30 minutes plus to complete and considering the clock starts in the 4th quarter this is crazy.


Is anything being done to fix these issue and with there be any form of compensation to players that are losing coins because of the contracts they lose because of bugs in the game?


All of these together are ruining the enjoyment of a game I paid £65 for!

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