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Auction House issues & taxes

by KxngRichard

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Auction House issues & taxes

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1) Why do you tax us on our player sales?! Stop that! It's a video game, you cheap [Comment Removed - Admin.]! Seriously, why rob us of our coins when you hardly pay out for the BS challenges? You need to credit us back for the coins you've taxed us on and make it right. Some of us are investing REAL money into our team and don't deserve to have you * clowns ripping us off even further for something that costs you next to nothing to duplicate after a player is created.

2) The auction house side bar menu keeps disappearing when I go between the CR set, my binder, and the auction house. PLEASE FIX THIS! It's a pain in the butt to have to back out of MUT every time this happens. I've lost buds because of this.

You've failed to provide a decent system to this part of the game, how dare you tax us on our auctions!

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