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Re: I bought coins and now I'm banned

by glenzilly

Original Post

I bought coins and now I'm banned

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I bought fifa coins about 3 hours ago? I got them and made a team and now I'm not aloud back in to ultimate team? I then checked on twitter and the internet and you get banned for buying coins? I didn't know this and I think it's unfair if I didn't know?
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Re: I bought coins and now I'm banned

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Ignorance of the rules is not a valid defense as otherwise we could all claim ignorance of the rules which would undermine their enforcement and effectiveness. Also, I find it hard to believe you did not understand that what you were doing was an attempt to gain an unfair advantage outside of the fairplay parameters EA has set for the game. One does not buy coins without obviously going to a website clearly not operated by EA and arranging a transaction that obviously is not intended by EA.


Your real beef is with the coin sellers themselves who facilitated this transaction and you should pursue them for a refund. Also, please be aware that the coin sellers get all these coins for so cheap by using bots which give them an unfair advantage in the trading market, exploiting cheats and hacks to the game which hurt the experience of legitimate players and by scamming other players out of their coins. This is not a victimless crime!

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Re: I bought coins and now I'm banned

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Ea are the one in the wrong becouse you get three strikes not an instant ban you get a warning. Then you get a yellow card then 2 yellow cards after that you get the red card

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Re: I bought coins and now I'm banned

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Per the terms of their new system the first offense is a warning (sent by email from what I understand). The second offense is a club reset (but you do get FIFA Points you used put back into your account). And the third offense is a total ban. This only applies to coin BUYING. Selling or promoting coin selling is an immediate ban without warning. If the OP truly has been banned I am guessing this is not his first time buying coins or there is more to the story. Or perhaps his not getting into his FUT is a glitch or server issue unrelated to a ban.

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Re: I bought coins and now I'm banned

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Yep all that we are saying is true but the guy who created the post is not saying what happened becouse we both know they cnt bann you for no reason you should of got an email

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