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Fifa 20 player career bugs

by Ianmc-RFC

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Fifa 20 player career bugs

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Why does my my player in player career mode not recieve transfer offers despite being listed for 2 seasons i've never had a single offer. I know this was an issue through fifa 17,18,19 and apparently and unbelievably is still an issue. Hopefully this gets sorted as the game has really got boring fast i have a level 92 player on £1500 per week. Last time i brought up a major bug in fifa 20 bug edition i was banned for 1 week because apparently the fans buying the game don't matter to EA. Top job guys top job.

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Re: Fifa 20 player career bugs

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It’s July and this is still an issue. Also no national team call ups for my player who is a 93 Overall for the United States. 

Career mode has been absolutely neglected by EA. It continues to get worse year after year. 

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