Fifa 19 controller issue

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Re: Fifa 19 controller issue

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Solved the problem by going to control panel, Device Management,

Human Interface Devices, then looked through all the drivers installed,

and found one USB-Input Device for a Xbox 360 controller, disabled this driver,

and now the Xbox One and 360 Controller works perfectly in Fifa 19

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Re: Fifa 19 controller issue

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this just turned off the controller for me, i dont understand how it solved your problem :P

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Re: Fifa 19 controller issue

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I posted a new issue about the same problem without realizing this one existed. They decided to blame the third party software. Is unbelieveble, million dollar company and they cant fix something like this that was already working in past games. Even thought its is literally the same goddarn game.
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Re: Fifa 19 controller issue

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Go  and download 64 bit version

then paste it in fifa 19 root folder

run it

use auto button to match the button if did'nt matched do it one by one

go to controller setting tab and add fifa 19

save and close it

go to fifa 19 root folder and rename xinput1_3.dll to xinput1_4.dll

thats ok

run the game and enjoy it


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Re: SOLVED!!! :D

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I did this and it did not work

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Re: Fifa 19 controller issue

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Renaming to xinput1_4.dll makes the game crash immediately after the splash screen.

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Re: Fifa 19 controller issue

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@lagesgrIn the end, it was my problem. Not yours...


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Re: Fifa 19 controller issue

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In case anyone is using the new Xbox controller on a PC with FIFA via Origin, I found a solution that worked for me (via Steam).

I'll just link my post from a different thread on the same topic. Hope this helps anyone.



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Re: Fifa 19 controller issue

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Hi i have the same issue but with fifa 22 its annoying af cuz ive only played a week and now i found out i cant play anymore cuz of this but thats still going around i have wasted 2 says looking for literally anyone who has the same problem as me i finally found a topic but i still didnt find a solution on it if anyone ie willing to help i would really appreciate it by the way im on pc and if you can pls dm me on discord if you have a solution thank you my dm is slayer#7471

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Re: Fifa 19 controller issue

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I don’t know if anyone is still interested in this fix, but I found a non-steam workaround.

Previous FIFAs had a buttonDataSetup.ini file. I came across this as a solution for a generic DirectInput pad i had a while back (a fake ps3 controller).

So, apparently the problem with the xbox controller is that somehow Microsoft or whoever wanted it to function in both DirectInput and XInput games or contexts, so, the wireless controller pops up as both controllers when connected by bluetooth.

The solution is to create or get a preexisting buttonDataSetup.ini file, and add the name of the gamepad you will see in the Setup USB Controllers dialog box, eg my addition was


AddController “Controller_025”

        AddAlias “Bluetooth LE XINPUT compatible input device”


(Note that i have physically added 8 spaces because for some reason the tab function doesn't work here, but nonetheless the second line should be indented)


Basically usually you add button mapping information, so what this trick does is it provides zero button mapping information for the DirectInput pad, so you will still see the controller inside the game, but, it does not work, at all. Problem solved.


I have attached the buttonDataSetup file with a .txt extension, which you should change back to .ini. You will also see how many other controllers have been written up for


I will try and see if this works for other Origin Games

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