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by Fcbruges007

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I'd like to see some decent developments to FUT.


1: The potential to "loan" players to other FUTs - where I can set the contract length and time (e.g. 30 days or 30 games, whichever comes first) and I can set the price that I'm willing to let my players go on loan for. 


2: Be a Ref - where ref points can be awarded based on performance in a match (voted by both players, and the computer)


3: Improved AI for FUT players. So if a player is rated 86, then they consistently perform as an 86.


4: Momentum and Game Flow - if this is in the game, then make it a visible meter. This can then "improve" in-play player abilities meaning that the team can have more "luck" and by having positive team actions (e.g. keeping possession, shots on targets, beating players) then this is shown as increase to the momentum of that team. And vie versa, if a team is "lacking" in momentum, then by keeping possession and being positive can reduce the momentum meter of the opposition team and increase their own momentum meter. 


5: Better coin rewards for games and tournament bonuses. The Glod cup gives a win bonus of 2,000 coins. What exactly can that buy in the game...give us rewards of 20K, 30K 40K etc.


6: Better rewards if winning tournaments multiple times. e.g 1st win = 10,000 coins, 2nd win = 25,000 coins, 3rd win = 50,000 coins and a Rare Gold Mega Pack


7: Get rid of training cards. They are rarely used in my experience and are a waste in packs 


8:  Bring back packs with better odds of getting better players. FUT 16 has been awful with 80+ rated players coming up in packs. 


9: Bring in better competitions that require a mixture of Bronze, Silver and Gold Players. How many people ever use a mixture of player quality?


10: Change the Chemistry from Nation / League / Cub to Player Home Continent / Nation / League (E.G Messi would be S.America / Argentina / La Liga) - Imagine the combination possibilities!!!


11: Change Player positions from RB, LB, CAM etc to: Goal Keepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards (It's so frustrating to have your favourite player in your team but his chemistry sucks because he in the wrong position) E.g Messa as a RW playing on the LW goes for 10 - 7 in Chemistry. By having GK, Def, Med, Att as Chemistry options, I could play Kompany at RB if I wanted, even though his player stats are not suited for that - then it's down to my 'management' skills to put players in their best positions for my tactics. Plus we could then just have the follwoing player chaning position cards: Def - Mid, Mid - Att, Att - Mid, Mid - Def That way I can put players where I want them! E.G Michael Carrick can play CB for Man Utd well enough in real life, but I can't put him there on FUT without a Chemistry penalty under the current system.


12: Make all IF players compatible with any league - just like Legends. It's annoying to get a good IF player, but you can't use him effectively because he has no Chemistry


13; Talking of Legends: Maradona, Zidane, Beckham, Roberto Baggio, Cantona, Zoff, Ronaldo, Cafu, Aldair - I guess this list could go on!


14: Better skill development games and training to improve my skills. If I want to get better at FIFA there really isn't a platform in game to do that - the skill games just don't cut it


15: Free Kick Trajectories in training. I agree these should not be used in game, but when practising, it would be really helpful to understand how the ball moves


16: Better in game tactics - and a full explanation about what these do - as currently pressing the button doesn't actually explain what happens. Give us an online manual that details what happens to my team if I want them to counter - attack or "park the bus" 


17: Let me define my player runs, team width, defensive line etc


18: tactical setup before kick-off one you've seen the opposition line-up. I might want to man-mark Messi if he has him, however I can't do this without wasting a "pause" at the moment - if we could man-mark at the moment.


19: I'm not one for this personally, but what about the ability to buy players with fifa-points? How many people can ever afford to purchase Messi for 1,000,000 in game coins? It's crazy. Or address this with above points 1, 5, 6 and 7. 


I'm seriously on the fence about getting FIFA 17, but if some/all of these were include - especially the momentum thing, then I'm pretty sure I'd get the game.

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@superbigfridge wrote:


Only in my first season, started with Wimbledon so that I could watch the tank Akinfenwa mince defenders up front, currently worth £35 million, on a £5k a week contract xD

I lied: My pro probably dreams of £5K a week xD. On base wage of £750 a week...yeesh 

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Hi I have some (very good)idea for the FIFA 1. Offline and Online Multiplayer Career Mode We want to be able to play career mode with our friends or with our brothers or with someone else. So I think this is a great idea for the FIFA. With a few tips: First Tip: All Players can play game in one League for example 4 players paly career mode together in Barclays Premier League or all players can play game in multiple Leagues for example 6 players play career mode that one of them play in BPL, another one of them play in Italian Serie A, another one of them play in Liga BBVA, another one of them play in Bundesliga 1 and etc and it's possible that this player could play with another player in Champions League or Friendly Match and etc. Second Tip: Players can connect several computers together and play the game Simultaneously ( at the same time) that means if beginning time of my match is 16:00 and my friend match time is 16:20 when I play 20 minutes passed, my friend can start the match. Third Tip: Players have access to this career mode offline and online, that means if players were away from each other can play game online this career mode. 2. Presence Chairman in the stadium between fans in important game for Example in the match between Inter Milan and AC Milan, Galliani presence is in the stadium or in the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, Florentino Perez is in the stadium. 3. Prolonging and be more realistic the Ceremony of Before the Game. 4. Fight between players and denial for them in league 5. Fireworks at Stadium during match 6. Update Celebrate Championship More realistic for Upgrade charm of the game and give coach-control to player(gamer) in Celebrate Championship. 7. If you want add a new League or a new Stadium to the FIFA Please Don't Replace them with Any Existing Leagues and Stadiums. I know you have many engineer and specialist that can develop this idea. 8. Create following leagues: Eroupe: Czech, Ukraine, Croatia, Greece, Romania , Spain 3rd League, Germany 3rd League, Italy Serie C, England 4rd League America: Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguey, Venezuela Asia, China, Iran, Qatar, UAE, Uzbekistan Africa: There are no Leagues from Africa in the FIFA and it's not good. You can add some best african league to the FIFA like Sudan, Tunisia, Mali, Morroco, Nigeria, Ghana, Eygpt, South Africa 9. Create following national teams: Europe: Croatia, Ukraine, Iceland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, America: Costa Rica, Honduras, Trindad and Tobago, Jamaica, Haiti, Panama Asia: Iran, Korea Republic, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Oman, Thailand, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Korea DPR, Indonesia, Kuwait, Lebanon Africa: Algeria, Ghana, Senegal, Tunisia, Nigeria, Guinea, Morroco, Togo, Angola, Mali, Zambia 10. Create following stadiums: All of Italy Serie A Stadiums All of Spain Liga BBVA Stadiums All of Germany 1. Bundesliga Stadiums All of National Stadiums of All National Teams Following teams Stadiums: Santos , Flamengo , Corinthians, Sao Paulo, FC Porto, SL Benfica, Sporting CP, Celtic, Rangers, Ajax, and etc. Two or more than two Stadiums of any League 11. Create following tournament UEFA Champions League EURO League Copa Libertadores AFC Champions League AOF Club World Cup 12. Create following national tournament FIFA World Cup UEFA European Championship AFC Asian Cup Copa America Africa Cup of Nations CONCACAF Championship Under 21's and under 18's tournament like under 21's world cup and etc. FIFA Confederations Cup 13. Real Coaches with Real Faces with and Real Style and Real Movements for great teams/national teams like: Teams: Barcelona, Real Madrid, At. Madrid, Bayern, Chelsea, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, AS Roma, Lazio, Dortmund, Valencia, Fiorentina, Schalke, Bayer Leverkusen, Sevilla, Tottenham and other great teams. National Teams: Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, France, England, Netherlands and other great national teams. 14. In Career Mode Players can change sponsership and team kit. And get money from new sponsership and if team become champions in league, sponsership give more money to the team. 15. Real life scoreboards for every league and cup like Sky Sports, BBC, ESPN and etc. 16. Add a algorithm to game taht the stadium doesn't always full for example a team in English League 2 don’t have 100,000 fans so must not its stadium be full in matches or when a team loses Several consecutive matches, amount of stadium should be empty in next matches. Thanks Davidtt80 Email: [edit: email address removed]
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can you change something by the woman teams sometimes is it nice to play with the woman teams.


I want to play with a woman team against men team.


And can you responding to the song of Will Griggs and maybee that we can put or own name in the career prof player.?



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Please add Arabic c
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@Az4473 wrote:



And can you responding to the song of Will Griggs and maybee that we can put or own name in the career prof player.?



if that was to be put in the game it could only be used at either wigan matches or for the Northern Ireland national team xD. I approve of this 

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but first of all i think the more important is to fix that disconnecting glitch in fifa 17 atleast.. so we can play a normal game.. cause that is what we paying for..

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Remove legacy defending, or atleast during matchmaking let there be an option for no legacy... we have an online league running but few guys cheat by using legacy defending (you can def see the diff) but obviously we cannot confirm this... as well let it be that once the game start you should not be allowed to change that option
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FIFA 17 career wishlist update:


  1. Club World Cup tournament and the World Cup crests on Kits: Inclusion of this would be fantastic. The added bonus being that if you win that, your kit can display the "World Club champions" or "World cup winners" shield which was on the Bayern Munich kit in Fifa 16. Yes a few leagues have exclusions such as the BPL, where if a premiership team won they wouldn't be allowed to have the crest on their kit for league games, but are allowed it on the kit for any cup or external tournament matches. The inclusion of pre-season tournaments show that this is possible to add the extra tournament with your teams fixtures being worked around the set dates of the club world cup.
  2. Hierarchy in club: I enjoyed this feature which was removed in either FIFA 11 or 12. It added another goal to work for, working your way up the chain in a team to becoming captain and being able to control tactics during matches.This could be part of the managers personal goals system, where you are given multiple set goals, with the reward for completing more/harder tasks reaping greater rewards/earning more trust with both the manager and your teammates
  3. Ratings manager tasks: This needs to be addressed in regards to GK's. The manager expects a season average of 8.4, yet due to the team i'm currently on, for 70% of the matches the most saves I can actually make  in a match is averaging less than 3 per game (in matches where I obtain a clean sheet), due to defensive pressure from my defenders. This is the main way that a GK's rating increases however, and being able to complete that 8.4 objective is nigh impossible when most of the season the ratings are 7.0 and below due to a lack of action, with only a few games that  would be suitable to break the 8.4 barrier (usually games where my Pro makes roughly 10+ saves, gets a 9.0+ rating).A suggestion for this: Remove the ratings goal altogether, with the manager stating how many "key" games he wants a clean sheet in, then depending on the team you are on set a ratio goal of clean sheets to number of key games.  This is then separate from the normal clean sheets for the season goal, as it only affects specific games.
  4. Free Transfers/Contracts: This would allow for greater movement, without the need to "force" your way out of a club if you are highly rated, which then prevents clubs from bidding as your cost is too high. The contracts could state certain additional long term goals the board and management want from you in the contract span, with the amount that are required to move up in the club/ possibility for higher wage renegotiations being stated as well. This also means that the club is then forced to actually fight for you to re-sign when your contract is at an end, or try to shop you to other clubs so as to make some money, otherwise they will lose you to free agency. In free agency you can make inquiries into teams to see if they are interested in your pro, with you deciding where ou move to.
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