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by Fcbruges007

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Player career is very flat. My player gets better and better on the pitch, but there comes no real perks with it.

Make player career mode more engaging by including features that will allow the player to get more impact the better he gets.
For example, my player is 27 years old, has 97 in overall and scores more goals than anyone in the league. Why can't he suggest strategic things to the coach such as advising the coach to buy a specific player and advising the coach to line up in a new formation. In other words, the better talent + stats + experience = more impact on the team.

Also, contracts in this player career mode should not be eternal. Once you become really good, it's almost impossible to change club because you become too expensive.

Btw. I'm a huge fan of the game face creator. But it's very sad that you took it away from the creation centre, meaning that you have to create a player career to use it. I hope you will improve the game face creator and make it a more implemented part of Fifa 17.

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Re: My wishlist fifa 17

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Thanks for the feedback @luluessam - I've moved your post to the other thread we have on this.


- Andy -

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Re: My wishlist fifa 17

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hey Andy,

can u PLS fix The FUT DNF system !? for now div 1-2 in online seasons IS unplayable.. ppl is leaveing i cant even play the game.. 2 hours ago for 1 games.. ppl leaveing and the contract's is wasted !!! 




Add a Super league in FUT team for the ppl who is winning champions in div 1-2-3 for A great Prize  ( i mean leave the good players too play face 2 face its really enjoyable)


thank u very much This is my wish list


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As meaningless as it may be. I would like to choose the combinations of the uniform. My team always plays with it's first kit, but sometimes they change the shorts and the socks, i would like that to be possible as well.

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I completely agree but have a few things to add.


1. More Actions for Player Career Mode

  • You should be able to send e-mails to the manager like "Hey, I want to start this game" or "I want to earn more money"
  • Be able to have press conferences where you can say I would like to go this club. For example, my favorite team is Arsenal, but if I start my career at Arsenal, I just get loaned out until my overall is high enough to make it into the team so instead, I like to start at lower tier clubs. As a result I usually end up waiting forever to get offers from clubs I want to go to. So I think it would be great if you could say in the news " I want to go to ____."
  • When clubs are sending you transfer offers, be able to not just stall, accept, or decline. Be able to say I like where I am, but if you offer me more money I'll probably go (not those exact words).
  • Have the contract involve the team role more heavily (i.e. crucial first team player, squad rotation player, etc.) and be able to request a bigger role in the team.
  • Involve the Ballon d'Or so that you see how you fared against other players all over the world and not just in your league but don't just choose it based on form, choose it based on a mix of rating and form.
  • Be able to see the starting XI and formation that the manager has made so you don't have to wait till you're in the game to see the formation.
  • When creating your player, be able to choose ANY position. Right now I believe you can't be LW, RW, CF, LWB, RWB, or CM.
  • Also would be great if when creating your player, you could choose a secondary position that you can play like RW and LW.
  • Be able to have a list of all your accomplishments and trophies in one list not just for each year (i.e. top scorer in league or CL or won this cup).
  • This goes for in Manager Career Mode as well but I would love it if when announcincing the signing of players (or at least maybe 80+ rated players) the news article shows the picture of them with the kit with their name on it.

2. More Control as a Manager

  • Be able to send offers to club you want to join and like other people in this thread have said, have lengths to the contract depending on objectives you are expected to achieve.
  • Be able to send offers to specific countries that you want to manage and like in real life be able to step down from your club to focus solely on the national team (not all that important but would be a nice t0uch).
  • Be able to watch youth players in games or at least see their form to see who has the most promise.
  • When starting a new career mode, have the youth scouts already set up so that you don't have to spend your transfer budget on hiring your first youth scouts.
  • Be able to communicate with the board more rather than just one way messaging.
  • Be able to talk directly with players so if they're unhappy about their playtime you can reassure them or tell hem they're not really in your plans.
  • Enable the ability to have a buy-back option when selling players to other clubs.
  • Also every point Jo0OhanJ said.

3. More Realistic Aspects in the World

  • Like I already said, have the Ballon d'Or set up but also a World XI of the best players from that year.
  • Set up the Club World Cup. Even if there has to be a mini Champions League in Asia, Africa, and the Americas, I would love a Club World Cup.
  • Because of the Club World Cup, if you win be able to add it to your kits and if you are promoted from a lower league, be able to add the top tier's badge to the sleeves(for example FL Championship teams all have the FL Championship badge on their sleeves and even when promoted, it stays there) Also when winning for example the Barclays Premier League, have the badge become gold like in real life.
  • Remember various records like top scorers in the Champions League and career goals for at least top players like Messi and Ronaldo.
  • Remember how many times who was won what competition so say you win the Champions League with a team that has never won the commentators and the news articles acknowledge that this is the first time ever for the club.Or if you pull a Leicester and win the league as extreme underdogs have the news articles mention that.
  • Also like how at the beginning of the season it states the expected position of each team in the league, have some news articles guessing where teams will finish in the Champions League.
  • Have more news about other leagues so you at least know whats going on in the top 5 leagues.
  • Have the game remember where players have played and keep that in mind when clubs send transfers to the players. For example if say Rooney was bought by a team and 2 years later Manchester City sent him an offer, he would say no 99.99% of the time (I'm not quite sure maybe he likes huge wages).
  • Be able to sign players whose contracts are expiring during and after the winter transfer window ends. I hate seeing players I want to sign but didn't have the funds to with contracts expiring in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 months(s) and not being able to do anything.
  • Have players who score in big games become higher profile. So if someone scores in the Champions league final, they are more likely to be sought after by clubs.
  • Allow all clubs to offer player exchange deals or players + money.
  • Similarly, say you wanted to sign Dybala from Juventus and offered them someone worth more than Dybala, you would essentially be losing money. So be able to say I will give you this player if you give me money + that player.
  • Allow all clubs to fire and hire new managers and have news articles write about said changes in management.
  • Allow other teams to change what formation they use especially if the teams change manager.
  • Have not only the top scorer, assister and keeper with the most clean sheets be wanted by clubs but maybe also the top 5 in each category.
  • Allow release clauses to be written into contracts to add some more realism.
  • More accurate team of the seasons because sometimes when I win the league none of my players make it into team of the season. Also, if a payer were to make it into TOTS, his price the next season should go up.
  • Being top scorer in a cup competition, Champions league, or playing well in international competitions should also attract interest from clubs and increase how much the player is worth.
  • MORE NATIONAL TEAMS. Playing in the world cup is so dull because so many smaller nations make it in but the likes of Algeria and Croatia don't have teams.
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I like all the player career mode suggestions you have made there crazyblaster19, I only have a few small things to add.


  • Squad Rotation: For most players this isn't a problem as their pro will eventually miss a game due to lack of stamina etc. However, this is not the case for GK's, who use up little energy (if they aren't running around all over the place) during matches. This means that they play every game. This never happens in reality, as they are replaced to allow another gk to get game time/allow the first choice a rest. This usually happens in specific situations (i.e. already won the league,relegated or have nothing to really play for/need key players rested for bigger matches/ playing lower tier teams in competitions etc), so i think it would be easy to put in the game, probably by getting the blurb to say that you haven't been picked and an email a day or two in advance from the manager explaining why that is the case, in a similar way that you get an email from the manager when you play infrequently.
  • Extension of  Contracts: I like the idea of contracts for the player so that you don't feel you are stuck at the club you start with unless you force your way out. When you start your career your wages will also be low, never changing until you have transferred to another team. This should be remedied with the possibility of early contract renegotiations.
  • External Contracts: As well as contracts with the club, why not contracts with specific brands for your boots/gloves etc? Possibly be able to design your own boots using pre-existing boots as templates with certain customisation options?. Maybe these items give your pro either a temporary or permanent boost to specific stats?
  • GK Kits:Teams have away kits for GK's, so why aren't they in the game? Possible to allow choice depending on opponent teams kit.  Maybe be able to change colour of the kits without changing the design (this applies for all players but mostly GK's)
  • Record breaking: I believe you touched on this, but also wanted to include it. This could be another accomplishment added for special kit items/larger boosts

I especially like your suggestion that interest in your player and his value should increase if you do well in major competitions. Always wanted to be a GK worth £60 million+ xD


Only in my first season, started with Wimbledon so that I could watch the tank Akinfenwa mince defenders up front, currently worth £35 million, on a £5k a week contract xD

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Online Career Mode has got to be the biggest one for me, would be such a great addition and I know it will take time but it will be the best thing EA have brought to FIFA
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Re: My wishlist fifa 17

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1. Gamespeed, more realistic..

I really think they should slow down the gamespeed, why does it have to be so fast???? Make it more realistic, everyone don't need to be Usain Bolt. Now you really don't need to think so much on holding in the R2 button without getting you player  tired. Make it more like you can "regain" stamina with player by hold up some of the attacks. Now you can just go ultra counterattack by pass 2-3 stressful passes to get though. Doens't really work that often IRL if you haven't noticed.

2. Ulitmate team - "Club player"

This would be really cool and i guess noone would complain. That eveyone from the start, would be able to choose their untradable "Clubplayer" That is rated like 85, and the clubplayer can be your favorite Fifa player or just a troll players like Bendtner. (but have to be  in the database). Depends where they plays on the field they have the same stats,for each postion.

3. Ultimate Team "More Formations"

Add more formations or make that you can creat your own formation with some kind of rules.

4. Ultimate team "Multichoose"

I hate to give the players, contracts, fitness etc when it's time to do it, Add an fast give button and save time.

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@Mohdhabib313 wrote:
All those items mentioned on the wish lists are valid but I feel that the career mode should have more of a manager feel to it. If someone doesn't like playing every game then allow detailed simulations of the match where our own substitutions can be made as opposed to automated.
Additionally we should be able to alter the tactics if we want the team to play attacking, counter attacking or defensive football.
As someone who doesn't play the actual matches in career mode and simulates them I'd appreciate being able to feel like a manager and adjust tactics and formations during the game as opposed to feeling like the director and just being able to buy players.

As a manager in Career mode why is it difficult to view a players morale ? The icon says unhappy but you need to go to another screen like Sell Player to see why he is unhappy


Some of the skill games are completely pointless 


why can't I select a new captain during a game ?

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@Goldenear007 wrote:
As a manager in Career mode why is it difficult to view a players morale ? The icon says unhappy but you need to go to another screen like Sell Player to see why he is unhappy

Some of the skill games are completely pointless 


why can't I select a new captain during a game ?






Solve this captain issue with a ranking list that can be manipulated by the manager before games. That way you can make sure the player(s) youd prefer to be captain if/when your captain comes off the pitch will be given the armband. 


Skill games are're telling me. As a GK only skill games I can do are GK drills (which is sweet), and set pieces i dunno when my player will be first choice to take penalties or freekicks but his rating wont be good enough to do anything with them. Much prefer a specialised gk version of say passing drills or as a gk during a set piece (corners, free kicks etc)

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