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by Fcbruges007

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Love your idea. It would fit perfect for people that want to play career mode and not Ultimate Team. 

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Spot on about the tactical issue.


There are also plenty of issues with Dynamic Camera - player selection, off the ball incidents ( the CPU seems to run block plays like it's NFL or something )


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Ok I invested quite a lot in fifa 16.Would it be possible if we can transfer our coins from 16 to 17.By the way when is fifa 17 really coming out? I am planning to sell my whole squad if that is possible.Pack opening is a nightmare in 16,I think that won't change in fifa 17 but who knows.
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FIFA 17 - The real FIFA 17 Wislist !


I have been all over the internet to find some solution to my FIFA 16 Journey.Unfortunately,I didn't find anything to resolve it and I was wondering , Will I have the same problem with FIFA 17 and if yes,would it be wise to buy the same game only with 17 at the end ? Here are 5 new ideas to re-invent FIFA 17 and make it more enjoyable.


1 - Online Custom Tournament with Friends - How many of you have made a party of 3 to 4 friends and hoping to play FIFA together or against each other only to find out that you can't actually do that.The only game mode that you can play together is Pro Clubs and Online Friendly which is limited to 2 player at once with no stats , fixtures and in depth league table to track your progress. When I have my group of friends online and in a party,we have to take turn to play against each other in Online Friendly and I have to write the result on a piece of paper to keep track of what is happening among my 4 friends.This is very frustrating especially when there is what you are looking for in the form of Custom Tournament in the menu but unfortunately offline.Why not do the same and add an

Online Customs Tournament where 2 to 8 players can go at each other simultaneously and have a fixture , result , league table or knock out brackets etc ...And in the case of odd numbers , for example 3 friends / 5 friends / 7 friends online at once ,a CPU Team will be added to make it even which will make every Friend to play at the same time etc...In the same concept , also add the ability to play 4 Friends vs 4 Friends online with everybody in their individual home.


2 - Online Career Mode - If you play regularly during weekdays and weekends and also have a good group of friends who do the same and would like to play a league which will become a nail bitter after a month or so to know if you are going to get relegated or finish second by goal differences or having to score 5 goals in your last game to clinch victory , well Online Career Mode is the best solution and frankly will be a lot of fun for months against your friends or other online players.Your group of Friends and you can choose which league they want to play in and then a draw is made in the game and by the game itself to assign which player will get which team etc...And of course every changes happening to the career mode will sync with each other so if player 1 buy Cristiano Ronaldo during the Transfer market,it will not be available to the other player etc..To make it even more interesting ,maybe an option to start with only a 2 stars team for all players and after 2 season , then upgrade to a 5 star team so that everybody will have to grow together and be persistent to succeed and as the name suggest ,have a Career. The only downside is that every Friends will have to play in the same league and choose a team within that league.


3 - Pressure Defense on / off option - Damn Daniel , how much more of R1 + square + x will you press during a game and having your tactics on high pressure with 99 aggressiveness and 99 Pressure.I am so sick of this now! EA Please address this issues once and for all.It's like you don't need to defend anymore,just press this button and you will get the ball back.Either you decrease the effectiveness of this exploit or completely turn it off.Unfortunately when online players use this,it's like their players never get tired and they can run for 120 minutes with no fatigue effects.This has to change,put a fatigue engine in the game so that when player are abusing this way of playing ,they get punished by having their player running slow after 40 % of the game if they are using pressure defending the whole game.I understand teammate help exist in real life football but it is too effective in the game.Balance it out so that player have to defend,have to tackle or have to slide to get the ball back,not just press a button only.It's like magic,press and hold a combination of button,your opponent player will automatically stay close to your player with the ball and get the ball back with no effort no matter how good your are,how much skills you know etc...your opponent will always beat you.On the same note,add more effectiveness to the lob pass,I know in FIFA 15 ,it was overpowered but in FIFA 16,it's no use at all.


4 - Champions League Add on - When are we going to have a dedicated Champions league game mode in FIFA.Buy your license EA,it's not like you are not doing well for yourself,you are a multi billionaire industry.Re invest into something that you know FIFA player will play and buy.Better yet,make the Champions league a paid Add on of around $10 and can be release for Christmas.You know you will get your profit this way.For those who want to play the normal game mode ,they just buy FIFA as it is and for those who want to play the Champions League,wait until Christmas,buy it and play as a Paid Downloadable Add On.It will have everything that the Champions Leagues has,Graphics,Music,Commentary ,Game Mode etc...And of Course the ability to play against other online player and especially against Friends.How great would that be!


5 - Online Season / Ultimate Team Dedicated SERVER Browser - Don't you hate it when you are playing against an online opponent and you are winning ,then suddenly you get the famous disconnection from server message.It make you want to smash your controller.One solution is to actually make a server browser or in other word one server based on the location closer to you.For example ,If a player live in Australia,he can choose to enter a server in Australia and the matchmaking will be done with other player in Australia.Same principle for Europe ,South Africa etc...If your country is not listed in the server browser,you can choose the server which is closer to you.If by any chance there are no player in a specific server,well,the player can choose the next server closer to him and so on...It will definitely eliminate a match against a player from Brazil vs a player in Russia.And most definitively LAG !


Here you have it , Tell me what you think and hopefully it will get done ! If not ,well EA,you just lost a customer!

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Wishlist Fifa 17

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A map for roaming in career mode being able to bond with team mates after matches and before locker room free roam being able to drive to matches being able to train alone or with team mates play games on the streets talk to people not just your coach FREE ROAM after the season is over and after matches and be able to have time off b able to die and train with other teams be like the real thing
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I would love to see this happen :

1. Visual simulation option, and option to change tactics during the game, or at half time atleast.

2. Train players for change of positions, like Rooney being trained from ST to CAM/CM position, and thus player changes original position to the newly trained one eventually.

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I really think it's time they do a game mode for, Ultimate team (Generations) and make some point of the generations team. Would love to play with some of my favorites players from the older Fifa.

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Since you mentioned this as a Wish list this would be my recommendation ( I was told to post this in the forums by Customer support) It seems odd to me that some teams are included in the National team rosters and others are not.

My prime example of this would be, The Canadian National team is included in the national teams despite not having been in the most recent world cup(bare in mind I point this out as a Canadian) but the Algerian National team, whom were in the Round of 16 are excluded.

so I guess my one real wish would be to have more National teams, or at least have the national teams that qualified for the world cup, it seems a tad bid silly to exclude them.

I may be alone in this one, but I actually bought PES just on the basis that It had most of the national teams. 

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You got a good idea going.

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- Algeria

-Costa Rica







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