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FIFA 15 PS4 Lagging

by arcagur

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Re: FIFA 15 PS4 Lagging

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Everyone suffering from #FIFA15 lag issues I've worked out a fix. What you need to do is disable Upnp on your router. It's working for me ( demo) , I guess it would be the same for the full game
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Re: FIFA 15 PS4 Lagging

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Is incredible slow. How can they release a game so popular with such a big problem. We need a patch asap. The game is so expensive we should have no problem
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Re: FIFA 15 PS4 Lagging

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Tried everything that the internet has to offer. Opened all the related ports, even used a Static IP Address, NAT settings always has been to Type 2. NOTHING WORKS! This is EA 's Issue nothing to do with our routers/modems. 

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Re: FIFA 15 PS4 Lagging

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Hi everyone, 


This issue is usually caused because everyone just got the game and everyone is trying to get online and play all at the same time. Happens with most major game releases. Please be patient as it should be fixed soon.


*Marked as solution for increased visibility.

- MorningTimeCloud, Battlefield Forum Moderator & Battlefield Discord Admin.

Volunteer, I don't work for EA.

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Re: FIFA 15 PS4 Lagging

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this is **bleep** explaintation. It's laggy even in menus and even if u turn off your internet connection. I cant do anything offline without huge lags. 


Disabling UPnP in your router helps for the lags.

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Re: FIFA 15 PS4 Lagging

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I tried to play the game second time with a disabled upnp and it again worked smoothly. The EA moderator marked the topic as solved by showing his very very absurd and ridiculus answer as solution however the solution is (at least for me, gazawi and cristopes).


This is the "real" solution, quote from cristopes.


" figured out how to get rid of the lag, deactivate upnp on your router, please use google to figure this out, i did it and now the game works fine


i hope this helps"


Thank you very much cristopes, much obliged for your help. By the way shame on EA that they released the game without fixing a known and an obvious bug (known from the 1st day of the demo) and they are asking for 60$. Am I have to disable upnp, why EA is not releasing a game without bugs or at least known bugs from the demo.


Briefly, cristopes is the savior and EA did its classic behaviour by ignoring bugs and complaints.

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Re: FIFA 15 PS4 Lagging

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Never seen any good advise or solution come from EA moderators......Most of them dont even know what they are talking about.

And what about quality assurance testing before releasing a game to the public......with EA it is non existing :-)

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Re: FIFA 15 PS4 Lagging

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i have the same problem! i've just downloaded the final version of the game from PSN. what do i have to do to play this game? it's impossible playing this game with this lag! please help us.

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Re: FIFA 15 PS4 Lagging

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We signed out of PSN , and the lagging is completely gone..

Turning it back on makes it lag again.

Checked router settings, and EA port is OPEN, dont understand what the problem.

@arcagur wrote:



After joining the EA servers the game becomes completely laggy and unplayable. If you disconnect your PS4 from internet then there is no lag, in the demo it is not a big deal but in the full game I want to play the Ultimate Team and Season so I need internet! Do you have any fixes to play the game online? Event today's patch did not solve this issue.


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Re: FIFA 15 PS4 Lagging

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soo frustrated  ...Confusedmileyfrustrated:
Next Year no more Fifa

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