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Facebook Gameroom Download

by FormerRBC

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Facebook Gameroom Download

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Who else can tell me about their experience (good or bad) after downloading either "Facebook Games Arcade (BETA)" or the current "Facebook Gameroom" offer that appears on the righ-hand side advertisement banner in my Facebook account?  The attached pics are: one of the offer to install now that appears in the right-hand side advertising banner and the other is what it looks like in my Games app even after I uninstalled it over 8 months ago.


Its appearance on my Facebook account is a constant no matter which game I play in a Facebook app whether it be Scrabble or Words with Friends.



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Re: Facebook Gameroom Download

Community Manager (retired)

Hi @FormerRBC,


I use Gameroom and it works fine. I took a screenshot for you of the interface:



Once you installed it the button will say "Play on Gameroom".


Let me know if you need further information or feedback.


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Re: Facebook Gameroom Download

★★★★ Novice

I confirm that I see it is the "Facebook Gameroom" and that you also play from the Facebook Scrabble app. Although you are the only person who responded, yours is somewhat reassuring me that it was not a scam nor a virus....but I would still like your help and feedback as I have completely lost the ability to do the following since I first installed it (and then uninstalled it because of these significant glitches). However, all of these remain in the Facebook Scrabble app (no matter if it is my main Facebook account or a completely new Facebook account using a different email address altogether).


I would now like to know the following, specifically from the red Scrabble Facebook app:

- if you are able to "Create New Game" with a complete Facebook Friends list to select from in either a 2-player game or a 3-4-player game. 

- if you have lost the ability to compare ELO Rating, Highest Word Score and the other rating because you are the absolute only player appearing in the bottom (rating) banner.


I apologize for the lengthy and twisted sentences I am using here, but I simply cannot believe how much chaos I am experiencing since I downloaded it the first time (and still do after uninstalling it).

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