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why do you guys refuse to bring back skate 3 graphics creator?

by TylerBassist

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why do you guys refuse to bring back skate 3 graphics creator?

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this feature is wanted by 104% of the remains skate community which i honestly growing STILL. with thousands of people wanting this feature to return, and you guys not even considering it, its really a slap in the face to the skate community... it was not game breaking, it was all cosmetic. i dont care that it is an old game, it is still a popular game. you can afford to spend 10 minutes of 1 employees time to re enable this feature, not like madden is any different than it was before, you got time.. even if you dont want to bring back the graphic creator, add a feature in the game that will make it so you can customize your grip tape at least, i mean come on the answer is obvious! i also not a fan of the fact that i paid you cash cows for a feature to e able to download and share skate parks and you took that from us too. EA is and will always be one of the most selfish and unrespectable game developers and i will not be buying another ea title. not trying to be disrespectful, but you get what you give, which is * and disrespect. i will be more than happy to disprove any employee if/when they try to tell me that what im saying isnt true, and so will the rest of the community


Forever hated,

                         skate 3 community

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Re: why do you guys refuse to bring back skate 3 graphics creator?

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback @TylerBassist/.



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