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jade empire stuttering

by natorni

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jade empire stuttering

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I've been trying every single trick I've found on the internet to get this game to run smoothly.


Edit the .ini? Tried it

Compatibility mode? Makes it not run at all most of the time

The famous "stutter fix" download? Doesn't work cause I already have it.

Editing or updating my video drivers? Did it, still not working


The whole thing just slows down into stuttery stop-motion once I enter the game proper. I don't know how many FPS it's running, but it sure isn't enough. The specs for my computer are attached in a screenshot. I have no idea where to go from here, I'm just frustrated. I loved this game when I played it on the console, and would really like to play it on my computer, but there's been no end of trouble. If we could get a new version or a re-master for newer machines, that'd be awesome. But until that happens, I really want to find some way to get this thing to work with what I have.

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Re: jade empire stuttering

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Please? Anyone? Or do I just need to get a refund?

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Re: jade empire stuttering

Community Manager

Hey @natorni can you navigate to you install location and find the file named JadeEmpire.ini


You then need to open/edit the file with Notepad and find the following line:


What this line in the config file does is limits your framerate in the game to 30FPS, which is a big no-no for a modern PC gamer.
All you have to do is change that line to


In addition you should also check that the line RefreshRate has the appropriate value for your monitor (this should be setup properly by default, but doesn't hurt to double check).

If that doesn't improve things for you, look for D3DAdapter, which is set to 0 and set it to 1. So the line should look like this:



Let me know how you get on.



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