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alpha centauri tech tree

by Dadspace1

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alpha centauri tech tree

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"It is an ambitious game, addressing some very fundamental issues facing mankind as we approach the new millennium. What sort of technologies can we expect to deal with within the next couple of centuries?" - Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Game Manual, Introduction, pg2.


The most interesting thing about SMAC is the tech tree, but I can't find it in the game's folder. Doesn't need to be the original poster, but a visual representation of the relationships would be soo useful.


The game manual says it is included.  Please tell me if it's included with the Origin release, and/or tell me where I can find a usable SMAC tech tree?

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Re: alpha centauri tech tree

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@Dadspace1 The original CD version came with a tech tree diagram on a map on paper, as you state. I cannot tell if the Origin version has it because I use the CD, through I can tell you the original didn't have a digital version and neither does the digital version - so I'd be surprised and impressed if Origin's did.

I've found the exact map uploaded on multiple sites, though I doubt linking to that would be advisable due to copyright issues. Besides, the horizontal tech tree at is considerably more readable and streamlined than any of the scanned versions of the original chart.
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