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Wing Commander Series

by Vigilant2012

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Re: Wing Commander 3 issue

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@Lordofthekeg wrote:

I'm having issues getting WC3 installed.  It downloads but never installs.  It just keeps downloading in a loop.  I'm running Windows 8.1 pro.  I just downloaded and installed Sims 2, so I know the permissions are correct, also I'm an admin on my PC.


@Lordofthekeg  Hi,


Do you have UAC (user account control) enabled and set to notify?




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game not playable

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wing commander iv will not update loads movies fine but game screens bounce

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Wing Commander meant for CRT Monitors

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i downloaded wing commander 3 and was a little excited at first. so i launched and and wow, i totally was blown away at the huge blocky pixels lol. Then i remembered something. i bought at sams club a sega genesis classic game console which had over 80 games pre installed. here is what i am getting to, in the instructions it said if you are playing on a flat screen monitor 24" that i had to optimize the video settings for something.

 so, these old games for 5 bucks are a good deal, but i wish they would have updated the graphics.

  i mean its great the updated so they will run on our current pc's, but someone forgot about the monitors we are using today versus in the 90's lol


 just my 2 cents

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Re: Wing Commander 3 issue

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I played with a few more UAC settings and was finally able to get it installed.  I appreciate the help!

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Wing Commander 3; Heart of the Tiger

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after downloading and installing the game I started just to have a first impression.

There was a calibrating tool running for the joy stick and mybe something else.

I thougt I will calibate later..... no way.


I uninstalled, downloaded and installed it again, no chance.

I checked the program folder for applications to start...


How can I get that calibration tool started manually?

Right now game is not to play, curser alwasys moves is in the top right corner.


Thx for your help.


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Free game Wing Commander III

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I get this error messag and game will not launch.


The procedure entry point InterlockedIncreaent could not be located in the dynamic library KERNEL32.dll.

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On the house wing commander III

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I installed the game, and when I try to run it it is still telling me to install it.  I also added the missing entry in the registry that worked for every other game I downloaded from origin and it still says install.


The missing entry for every other game was HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\"Game company"\"game"\


I had to add the string value Install Dir then point it to the installation directory


example titan fall was under Respawn\Titanfall\ and the Install Dir string was C:\Program Files(86)\Origin Games\Titanfall


the one I added for Wing Commander which didn't work was ...\Origin Systems\Wing Commander III\ and the Install Dir string is C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Wing Commander III\     which is where it installed to.


How can I fix the game so it is playable?

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Wing Commander III controller

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Anyone else have this problem?  The joystick works all through game screens and calibrates fine but as soon as I start a mission the joystick doesn't do anything except that the fire button works... sux trying to fly with the number pad, doesn't even use the 'wasd' configuration Frown

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Re: Wing Commander 3 issue

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@EA_Nils  I am having the same proble that @Lordofthekeg is having.  I am running windows Vista 64 bit.   I played around with the registry as I have with other games that fixed this issue but this time it won't let me.  I am running as an administrator, and click run the program as administrator.  UAC is turned off, so that shouldn't cause a problem.  Any suggestions?

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Wing Commander 3

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My Thrustmaster USB joystick doesn't work in flight mode, using windows 7 64 bit.  Looked for a patch but couldn't find one.  Does anyone have a solution?

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