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Wing Commander Series

by Vigilant2012

Original Post

Wing Commander I Cheat

★★★★ Newbie

Hi, i have a question.


i'd like to play to Wing Commander using cheats

is it possible ? 

how can i do ?


thanks very much


(understand me, i'm not 15th i am about 40 ... if i can't complete a mission i can't get crazy, it's not a competition for me it's a pastimeStandard smile  

i can't complete mission 13th)

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Wing Commander Cheat request

★★★★ Newbie


please, can you help me to understand how to use "cheat" for Wing Commander I.

i played this game when i was really young, now i'm really older Frown and i'd like to play the game with some help.

Can you please help me?

thanks very much,

best regards,


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Re: Wing Commander Cheat request

Community Manager

@moromike HI Michele,


You could try the commands that have been explained here. If you are still unsure how to enable that, check out the instructions posted here.




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Re: Wing Commander 4 VirtualProtect() failed

★★★★ Novice
I am still having the same filesize mismatch issue. Any other ideas for me or information needed? Is really like too play this game again.
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Wing Commander 3 and Privateer issue

★★★★ Novice

 The games start okay and the intro scenes play beautifully, but I can't escape out of them, and when I go to start the games, I can't type in my name to begin. It's as if the keyboard is disabled. I checked the DOSBox Status Window, and line 3 says "Failed to create hardware surface", and line 4 says "Restarting video subsystem with windib enabled".


Any help?

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Inability to play purchased game. (Wing Commander 4)

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I purchased Wing commander 4,

I downloaded the game and when I tried to play, I got this message.

Virtual Protect Failed.
Plese help me. Id like to get what I paid for.

This was my first purchase from Origin.


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Re: Inability to play purchased game. (Wing Commander 4)

Community Manager

@jackjon5 Heya,


Any luck with this suggestion over here?




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wing commander 4 download failed, virtualprotect() failed messages

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

Hello! Looking for help with downloading an update for Wing Commander 4. The game shows up in My Games and when Origin is started, the app begins an update for WC4 but then immediately a pop-up window appears with the message "download failed". Next, the app pauses the update. If I try to run the update again, same message again. If I click Play I get a pop-up saying "VirtualProtect() failed." and the loading stops.


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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Re: Inability to play purchased game. (Wing Commander 4)

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Of the two patch versions listed on the site link provided, neither will install. The error reported is "Filesize mismatch". So sadly the answer for me at least is "no sir". Seems others posting in this thread have had the same negative results.


There does seem to be a 672 byte update available through the Origin app for WC4 but when it starts to run the update also refuses to download.


Hopefully someone will discover a fix. At least the WC3 game seems to run OK.

@EA_Nils wrote:

@jackjon5 Heya,


Any luck with this suggestion over here?










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Can't get Wing Commander 4 to play

★★★★ Novice

I installed Wing Commander 4 a while ago and played it for quite a while and it worked great. I took some time off from it and now I'm getting "VirtualProtect failed." I reinstalled it and still am getting the error. I've run the "Repair Game" which didn't do anything and then ran "Check for Update" and it keeps coming back with "Update failed."


Is there anyone who's found a way to fix this?


Windows 7 64 Bit


GeForce 550 Ti GTX

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