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Wing Commander Series

by Vigilant2012

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Re: Wing Commander

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awesomecoptah wrote:
I think I speak for all the people who got the game from humble bundle.

The game does not run, and there appear to be no solutions.

The error is VirtualProtect () failed.

The following steps have no effect

- Comparability in XP mode

- Comparability in 95 mode with limited colors

- Re-installing codecs

- Using the "WC4DVD" fix that's previously been linked. The fix states WC4DVD is the wrong size and refuses to run

- The game has a small 672 byte update that refuses to download




Same here Frown tried the patches with no luck

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Re: Wing Commander

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Yay! Confirmed, thanks! I closed Origin, then right-clicked on the Desktop-Icon "WC4" "Run as admin". Origin started, crashed, started again, and the game was working without VirtualProtect() failed. under Win7.



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Re: Wing Commander

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For those who want to experience WCIV with surround sound, uninstall AC3Filter that is being installed with the game from Add/Remove Programs (should be enough for newer systems), and if that doesn't help or mutes the sound then install a standalone version of AC3Filter where you can select speaker configuration.

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Re: Wing Commander

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@vesencet0 wrote:

Workaround - FIX


RUN Origin Adminiistrator. (right Click Mouse)


Tested on W7 64bit.

@awesomecopter @onewolfy1 @darkmatterm Hi,


Any luck trying the above steps that vesencet0 identified?




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Re: Wing Commander

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Running Origin as Admin solved the VirtualProtect error for me. Running Win8.1 x64.

For those who played around with compatibility modes and changed the default settings, make sure that wc4dvd.exe is set to run in Windows 98 / Me compatibility mode and "Run this program as an administrator" checkbox is checked (in addition to running Origin client as admin).

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Re: Wing Commander

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vesencet0 wrote:

Workaround - FIX


RUN Origin Adminiistrator. (right Click Mouse)

this got me past the VirtualProtect() error, but now I have another error Frown

An object or name was not found.


Running Windows 8.1 64bit


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Wing Comannder 4 Crashes on Launch

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I just picked up the Humble Bundle 2. Tried to Launch WC4 and it just keeps crasjing. ( wc4dvd.exe crashes ) Any Idea why? I am running Win 7 64 bit, plenty of RAM and HD, video card etc....This is also a fresh install of Windows with all updates.


Someone please advise





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Re: Wing Comannder 4 Crashes on Launch

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I have the same problem first virtual protect then after applying fix from posts above game crashes twice and returns to desktop


Win 8.1 x64

AMD FX 6300


Radeon 7850 1GB

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Re: Wing Commander IV VirtualProtect() failed and more

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I am having the exact same Problem (WIn8 64 Bit). Tried the patches described above without success. I just bought this and really think EA should make sure their games work on todays machines when selling them. It would be great to get some help on this!

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Re: Wing Commander Series

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This might fix it for some.



Rename your game install folder (which is "Origin Games" by default) to "Electronic Arts" and run it through origin.


If you dont know where your game install folder is Go to Origin->Application Settings->Advanced. It should say where the downloaded games install too.


You will need to run Origin through Admin mode too.


The only negative is that you have to reinstall any games you have through origin, but you wont have to redownload them.

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