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Re: Why no more 2p cops on line with a storyline?

by EA_Darko

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Why no more 2p cops on line with a storyline?

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I would like to know why you no longer have games that are story or cop story with two persons? I would like play a somewhat strategy game with my daughter, which is another location. I personally do not want to spend hrs on the console or be in a melee with the world. I want to have a goal and do it with my family that is elsewhere once in awhile. I was informed it has changed due to the stake holders and insuring they get their profits. Meaning the younger generation is your focus. To a degree it makes sense, however leaving us behind could be a fail for a long run residual profit. I for one tend to stay with companies that consider some of my interests. I know that is not the norm, I believe there are more like me just do not know what or who to tell. I hope you consider what I am trying to say instead of blowing it off. Ron

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Re: Why no more 2p cops on line with a storyline?

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Hey @Fosatr91 while the trend of late has been more online games than traditional co-op there are a number of games which may interest you.

A Way Out is a great little co-op game where you and a friend have to break out of prison. You can find more info here:


Anthem is also something that may interest you, while it's an online shooter it does put an emphasis on co-op and is best played with friends:



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Re: Why no more 2p cops on line with a storyline?

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Hello EA_Darko


Thank you for reaching out to me. I have seen that there is a definite direction of the gaming community. However from my stand point what makes the statement any different for the gaming community than that of our society as a whole. Meaning traditions, are we going to throw all traditions or traditional things to the way side for profit only? I understand like I mentioned in my post the almighty dollar trumps all. When you think about it your company or should I say EA has the ability to pursue, that is what I am asking about. I as an older person plays online occasionally and would like to play with my children that are part of the millennial generation, just not with the whole world chasing us. Sort of going on a story line mission that has an end or a plot. Again not considering this in the future can hinder residual income over time. Not much different than the workforce trying to find replacements for its aging workforce. It is not happening. In the gaming world the more you keep the older population engaged the better chances you have of purchases later in the line of next level of gaming. That will not be seen instantly it will see over time a willingness to upgrade because of interest. Again I understand your position and not the one making the final decisions just one that can put a bug in someone’s ear and at least start a conversation. I am looking for something like survival in a after asteroid world to build with my daughter a new house with a white picket fence. I understand there are things similar but not CO OP continues story and ending points together. I hope this makes sense and thank you for your time to respond to me



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Re: Why no more 2p cops on line with a storyline?

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Sorry for not replying sooner @Fosatr91.


I can see where you are coming and it would be great to see something like the Army of Two series make a comeback.


If you are interested, Army of Two was recently added to the Xbox One X Backwards Compatible program and is still a lot of fun. 



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